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"Do Somethin'" Up For Best International Video Award

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Britney’s “Do Somethin'” music video has been nominated for a Brazilian Video Music Award (VMB)! Here’s her competition:

Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
System of a Down – BYOB
Britney Spears – Do Somethin’
Avril Lavigne – He Wasn’t
Good Charlotte – I Just Wanna Live
Backstreet Boys – Incomplete
Linkin Park & Jay Z – Jigga What – Faint
Destiny’s Child – Lose My Breath
Hanson – Penny & Me
Maroon 5 – This Love


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UK TV Presenter Claims To Be Legally Married To Britney

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TV presenter Richard Bacon claims he could be legally married to pop princess Britney Spears.

Bacon said that he legally wed Britney while interviewing her in a hotel room for Channel 4’s The Big Breakfast.

Bacon, a DJ on 95.8 Capital FM, told listeners: “It was the first time she’d told anyone she’d split with (Justin) Timberlake and I had a bit of a plan, as I had hoped to get the admission out of her about the split.

“I had a vicar waiting round the corner with a real marriage certificate.

“I went down on one knee in front of her and said ‘would you marry me?’ and she said ‘hey sure’.

“So I signalled to the vicar, the vicar walks in with the real marriage certificate. I sign it, she signs it… vicar pronounces us married.

“I’m walking off with the marriage certificate down the corridor when this massive security guard comes hurtling after me, takes it out of my hand and tears it up as he realised what I’d done and that it was legally binding.

“You can’t just get rid of it by tearing it up,” Bacon said, “which means I actually could still be legally married to Britney Spears, which means her marriage to Kevin doesn’t exist and that Britney Spears is a bigamist.”

Britney’s spokesman said: “Sorry to break Richard’s heart, but Britney Spears is legally married to her husband Kevin Federline and is expecting their first child together very soon.

“I hope Richard is able to accept this and move on from what must be a confusing time for him.”

Source: Virgin Music

Just to let you know, he used to be a cocaine addict.. looks like he may be back on it 😉

People Magazine Article

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Britney’s Baby Bash

With her due date fast approaching, the mom-to-be shares her thoughts and her photo album from her Moroccan-themed shower.

She aced the word scramble, took first prize for memorizing the most baby-related items on a tray and likely would have won the “guess how big Britney’s belly is” contest had she been allowed to play. But there was one shower game Britney Spears didn’t even try to win: not saying the word “baby.” Guests were disqualified the moment they uttered the B-word, and “before anybody even caught her,” says Alyson Fox, whose company, Levine Fox Events, planned Spears’ Moroccan-themed Aug. 6 shower, “Britney must have said ‘baby’ 50 times.”

With just weeks to go before her due date, who could blame Spears, 23, for thinking of nothing else? “She just can’t wait,” says Fox, who with partner and mom Diane Levine planned the singer’s September 2004 wedding to Kevin Federline. “Her hand is always on her belly. She’s ready to take on motherhood.”

But not before a little celebrating with 19 special guests. “I wanted it to be really intimate,” says Spears, “with just my closest girlfriends and family members.” Britney’s cousin Laura Lynne Covington passed around a journal for everyone to inscribe personal messages. Mom Lynne Spears “talked about when she was pregnant with Britney and how she felt such emotion, and Kevin’s mom, Julie, was saying that they’re so happy Britney’s a part of their family,” says Fox. “Everyone’s eyes were just welling up with tears.”

From the emotional toasts of the hundred-plus candles, the night was “everything I envisioned,” says Spears. Before entering the bamboo tent set up in front of the singer’s Malibu home, guests dropped off their shoes to walk barefoot through thousands of rose petals. With her step kids Kori, 3, and Kaleb, 1, nearby most of the evening, Spears held court over a dinner of North African dishes like Moroccan brisket and salad Tangiers. The meal was topped with a cake in the shape of a Moroccan pot with a baby peeking out, designed by Cake Divas. Then came the presents: a white wrought-iron bassinet from her mom, a car seat, a stroller, an infant bathtub, lots of stuffed animals and tiny togs that were all conveniently gender-neutral. “Everyone really outdid themselves,” says Spears. “Even the packaging on some of the gifts was heartfelt.”

Kevin Federline, 27, who made himself scarce during the event, showed up later to plant a kiss on his wife and carry the gifts into the house. After the guests went home, Britney – who’s got two other delivery dates coming up: a new fragrance, Fantasy, on Sept 15, and a DVD version of her UPN show Britney & Kevin: Chaotic and More, on Sept 27 – settled in with her husband for the night, still glowing from the festivities. “I truly couldn’t have been happier,” says Spears, ” to share this day with the people who are close to my heart.”

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