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Chaotic DVD Update *Updated*

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I think everyone is a little confused about the Chaotic DVD release dates so I looked around and this is what I found.

According to, the DVD will be released tomorrow in the US. However, the DVD wasn’t released today in Europe as originally planned. New dates say October 10th on French site, and October 26th on HMV Japan’s website.

What makes it even more strange is that says it was released today. I’ll keep you updated as to whether it’s available in Germany already or not…

Update: The DVD wasn’t released in Germany today after all. They changed the date to October 26th at the last minute. Thanks to TheItalianBabe for letting me know!

New Letter From Jamie Lynn About Sean Preston

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Hey Guys,

I hope that you are all enjoying the new season of Zoey 101. It is so exciting to see what we worked so hard on all summer finally here each week. I have been back to school at Parklane and busy with cheerleading and of course excited about being a new Aunt!!!! The baby is adorable and of course he is the cutest nephew ever!!! Louisiana seems to be getting back to normal a little after Hurricane Katrina. But, please continue to pray and help the victims in any way you can!!

Talk to you later,


Rumour: Britney To Ask Kim Cattrall To Be Sean's Godmother

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Britney Spears will reportedly ask ‘Sex and the City’ star Kim Cattrall to be her new son’s godmother.

The sexy actress, who played raunchy Samantha in the hit show, has been friends with Britney since playing her mother in the movie ‘Crossroads’. So the pop babe is keen for Kim to play an important role in baby Sean Preston’s life.

A friend is quoted by Britain’s News of the World newspaper as saying: “Britney loves Kim and will be asking her to be her godmother.”

Last week, it was revealed Britney has signed a lucrative deal to show off her new baby with OK! magazine.

The new mum, who has now returned to her Malibu home with her baby son, will pose for family photographs and speak about the birth in an interview with the glossy celebrity magazine.

OK! boss Richard Desmond revealed: “We’ve got Britney and the baby this week.” The pop babe, who is married to dancer Kevin Federline, is rumoured to have been paid around $1.5million for the interview and photos.

Source: Monsters And Critics

Notice this comes from the News Of The World, so it’s probably just a fabrication as usual…

Sugababes Cancelled 2 Tour Dates Over Britney Debate!

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British pop trio SUGABABES were forced to cancel two tour dates in Dublin last year (04) minutes before appearing on stage, after the band fell out over a childish argument.

The HOLE IN THE HEAD hitmakers, comprising of MUTYA BUENA, KEISHA BUCHANAN and HEIDI RANGE, axed the gig at the last minute after a fuelled debate sparked backstage about the BRITNEY SPEARS hit TOXIC.

Range reveals, “We had a row over a Britney song but I’m not going to go into it. It’s something stupid.

“I’ve never had a row with Mutya and that’s the only row I’ve had with Keisha.”

Source: Contact Music

Heidi Klum & Other Stars Offer Britney Slimming/Baby Advice

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Supermodel HEIDI KLUM and pin-up JENNY McCARTHY are offering BRITNEY SPEARS weight loss advice, after the pop beauty welcomed her first child on 14 September (05).

Spears and her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE became the proud parents of SEAN PRESTON four days before their first wedding anniversary, and now the TOXIC singer is receiving tips from the blonde beauties on regaining her figure.

Klum, who gave birth to her second child HENRY just two days before Spears, says, “If you worked really hard before and don’t go too crazy, you shouldn’t have to work as hard afterward (to lose the baby weight).”

McCarthy stresses patience, explaining, “Most women who come up to me want to know about the weight and what to do to get it off. I tell them patience. (It takes) about a full year before you can fit back into your jeans. Patience.”

Meanwhile, JADA PINKETT SMITH offers Spears some very basic parenting advice, saying, “What makes a good mother is what works for your child – and every child is different…

“We all think there is a formula, (but) as long as we love our children, that’s really the only solid thing I know that works across the board.”

And LINDSAY LOHAN is even more straightforward in her advice for her fellow smoker: “Don’t smoke cigarettes!”

Source: Contact Music

Pics: Britney Sunbathing By Her Pool – Brand New Pics (September 22nd)

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Britney Spears soaks up some rays for the first time since giving birth to her first child Sean Preston last Wednesday. The singer looked great considering the c-section operation only took place 8 days before. Britney relaxed and read trashy gossip magazines by her pool, while husband Kevin Federline brought her everything she wanted. There was no sign of their son, however.

Click the image to view all the pics! The last time we saw Britney was August 29th, so it’s good to see her again, especially looking healthy after the birth!

Thanks to britfan66, sissyBoy, Sandrinha, isifa/rex features and Taff News!

Madonna Has Spoken To Britney Since The Birth

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U.S. television show Access Hollywood featured a cool, but short interview with Madonna on the red capret of the London “Revolver” Premiere last night.

Asked if she gave Britney any advice on how to be a great mom, she screamed “NO….She hasn’t asked me for any advice”! As Guy started to pull her away to get into the premiere…The reporter asked Madonna if she has spoken to Britney since her baby was born and Madonna said “I have actually”!

Credit: sissyBoy

Rumour: Britney To Earn $6M For Sean Preston

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Britney Spears will reportedly earn $6million for having a baby. The singer, who gave birth to baby son Sean Preston last week, and her husband Kevin Federline will receive the huge sum after agreeing to a number of TV, photo and endorsement deals showing off the new arrival to the world.

Britney, 23, and Kevin have allegedly accepted over $3million to show home-video footage of the birth on their popular reality TV show ‘Britney and Kevin: Chaotic’, and will be a paid a further $1.5million for a magazine deal featuring exclusive pictures of the child.

The couple are also rumoured to have agreed a deal worth over $1.5million to video the first few weeks of Sean Preston’s life for TV.

Meanwhile, Britney’s baby has had a smoothie drink named after him. The singer’s dad, Jamie, has introduced a new drink at his Californian café JJ Chill named after the newborn tot, who has been called Sean Preston. JJ Chill co-owner Joseph Nejman revealed: “We’re introducing a new smoothie in honour of Britney’s boy. We’re calling it the Preston Smoothie and it consists of fat-free frozen yogurt, strawberries and mangoes.”

Source: Teen Today

Imogen Heap & Guy Sigworth Produced "Over To You Now"

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Imogen Heap has commented on the track she wrote with Guy Sigsworth for Britney, “Over To You Now,” saying, “Guy and I did the song for Britney about a year ago. I didn’t meet her, but Guy asked me into the studio to throw down some ideas as she was coming in a couple of days after to do the song “Everytime” with him. Her record company wanted a couple of others too. Guy did end up using quite a lot of my vocals!” Imogen’s album, “Speak For Yourself,” is out now in the UK, and is due to be released on 7th November in the USA.

Source: UKBritney.TV