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Britney Forks Out £600K ($1M) For Katrina Victims

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NEW mum Britney Spears is forking out £600,000 to help Hurricane Katrina victims.

Friends say the singer, who gave birth to son Sean Preston last week, was “shocked and saddened” by the Gulf Coast devastation.

Brit, 23, grew up in Louisiana — where her mum and much of her family still lives.

She posted a message on her website saying she was praying for those caught up in the disaster.

A source said: “She wanted to do her bit to help those less fortunate and hopes it will help bring joy to some of the victims.”

Source: The Sun

Britney Comes 4th On Lycos Most Searched (Ever) List

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The tenth anniversary of Lycos search engine finds Britney as the fourth most search for topic in their history. Which is not bad considering she has only been well known for six of those ten years. Here are the top 20 searches on Lycos for the past 10 years, ending September 17, 2005:

1 Pam Anderson
2 Dragonball
3 Pokemon
4 Britney Spears
6 Tattoos
7 Las Vegas
9 September 11
10 Christmas
11 Princess Diana
12 Jennifer Lopez
13 The Bible
14 Halloween
15 The IRS
16 ‘N Sync
17 Final Fantasy
18 Star Wars
19 Backstreet Boys
20 Marijuana

Also in the top 50 were Eminem (#32), Mariah Carey (#35), Christina Aguilera (#39), and Madonna (#43)

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Stars Have Plenty Of Baby Advice For Britney

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Some of Hollywood’s brightest young talent congregated at DJ AM’s newest hipster hot spot, LAX, on Friday to celebrate Us Weekly’s Young Hollywood Hot 20. Among the luminaries were Paris Hilton, Ashlee Simpson, Hilary Duff, “Desperate Housewives” vixen Eva Longoria, Wilmer Valderrama and “Laguna Beach” bad girl Kristin Cavalleri.

But amidst all the glitz and glamour of the evening’s event, the real story that had the tongues of Tinseltown’s young elite wagging was the birth of Britney Spears’ baby boy earlier in the week (see “Britney Spears Gives Birth To A Baby Boy”). Just about everyone there had some words of wisdom to share with the new mom.

Like the majority of stars who paraded down the yellow carpet, both Duff and Hilton congratulated the singer on her new addition and said Spears would be a great mother.

“I’m not anywhere close to being a mom, but I hope that people leave her alone so she and her husband can have normalcy and focus on their new child,” Duff said.

“America’s Next Top Model” winner Eva Pigford told Spears to stock up on the Starbucks, because as any new mama can tell you, you ain’t gonna get much sleep.

“7th Heaven” actress Beverley Mitchell, whose character just gave birth to her first child on the WB series, concurred. She advised Spears to sneak in quick snoozes whenever she can: “I don’t even have to keep the baby, and I know you need naps!”

Aisha Tyler, who stars alongside Jennifer Love Hewitt in “The Ghost Whisperer” this fall, commended the diva for opting for a Caesarean section. “That’s very modern of Britney to be like, ‘I’m gonna have my baby at 10 o’clock on Tuesday,’ ” she said. “She’s got that life where you’re able to pick your husband and pick your baby time, so good for her.”

Donald Trump, who arrived with his wife, Melania, was among a select group who actually had experience raising children. The billionaire mogul has four kids with two former spouses and joked, “I wish [Britney] a lot of luck. She’ll probably need it.”

“I don’t care how many books you’ve read, Britney, or what you think you know, but you know nothing, girl, until you take that baby home and you’re like, ‘Why did they even let me take this child?’ ” laughed blonde bombshell Cindy Margolis, the mother of 7-week-old twin girls. “I’m just happy to be out wearing something that doesn’t have throw-up all over it.”

Reality TV star Bobby Trendy (“The Anna Nicole Show”) told Spears to lay off the breast-feeding. “I would just buy milk,” he said. “It’s so much easier and less work. Besides, you wouldn’t want a lopsided boob.”

Comedians Pauly Shore and Marlon Wayans disagreed, saying that the pop star should just put it all out there. “Don’t get the soy [crap]. Just use your real breast,” Shore said.

“The next time you see her, she’s gonna … be wearing long sweaters and turtlenecks,” Wayans added. “No more revealing stuff, and she ain’t gonna be able to do any of those sexy songs where she’s crawling on the floor with her ass out no more. Welcome to mama land, Britney!”

Other celebs seemed optimistic about the singer’s return to the limelight.

“Every movie star or musician who’s had a baby seems to come back a lot more wise and with a lot more experience behind them, and usually they’re even more focused [than they were before],” said former “O.C.” star Olivia Wilde. “I think [Britney will] probably come back twice as strong.”

Even Spears’ former Mouseketeer co-star Christina Aguilera said there is no doubt the pop star will return to the music scene in full force.

“Her fans are so loyal, they will always be there for her,” Aguilera said.

“I think Britney’s gonna come back like Madonna’s come back,” added Trendy, who said his baby gift for Spears was on the way. “Once a star, always a star.”

Source: MTV

Rumour: Britney Has The Post-Birth Blues

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Is Britney Spears singing the postpartum blues?

The buzz is that Spears has been moody since giving birth to her son. “Brit’s mood has been up and down since she came home,” a Spears family friend told Life & Style Weekly. “She’s been crying through the smiles,” adds the friend. Spears’ rep insists that she is doing fine.

Spears is reportedly worried about getting back her once-svelte figure, and is concerned that her cesarean scar won’t heal completely. There’s also a report that hubby Kevin Federline almost forgot the couple’s September 18 anniversary — but made it up to her by buying a sapphire “mother’s ring.”

Separately, a source says that Spears wants to have a Kabbalah blessing for the child, and that the Rav — the head of the L.A. based Kabbalah Centre — may perform a “bris-like” ceremony, though it’s “unclear exactly how far they can go on such a thing,” says the source, “because even though she studies Kabbalah, she’s technically not Jewish.”

A spokesman for the Kabbalah Centre told the Scoop: “The Kabbalah Centre does not like to discuss the private lives of its students.”

Source: MSNBC

Britney's Secuirty Team Back On Full Alert

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West coast paparazzi have been on high alert since Britney Spears gave birth at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles last week. “There’s a million-dollar bounty on that baby’s head,” says one veteran snapper. “Everyone wants that shot.” In response, we hear the newly deflated pop tart has taken extraordinary steps to keep her bundle of joy from their prying lenses—so she can sell the baby pics herself.

“Britney’s hired several look-alikes to pose as her and she’s reactivated her entire security team that she used back when she was on tour,” says a source close to the family. “She certainly doesn’t want her baby to be endangered, but most of the precautions are to keep the paparazzi from getting any photos of the kid,” named Sean Preston Federline.

That doesn’t mean supermarket shoppers won’t be admiring the newborn in the checkout line sometime soon. We hear his not-so-virginal mother has been approached by wise men from all the major tabloids bearing competing offers for a first look at the long-foretold infant—and they’re not talking frankincense. Sources say that OK! magazine alone has promised her $2 million for an exclusive cover shoot.

As for dear old dad? “Kevin gets 50 percent of all that money. Tabloid money is the only real money he ever makes,” says the source. Of course, if the paparazzi get there first, any windfall the couple has in mind would decrease significantly. In other words, “Britney has to keep Sean under wraps if she wants the big bucks!”

Asked about the $2 million offer, OK! rep Marissa Schneer said she was unable to discuss any negotiations until they were finalized. Spears’s publicist, Leslie Sloan Zelnick, declined to comment on the bounty or Spears’s plan to claim it for herself. If all goes well, let’s hope the money gets put into a college fund­ for the whole family.

Source: Radar Online

Christina Aguilera "Overjoyed" At Britney's Baby News

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Christina Aguilera has revealed she’s “overjoyed and thrilled” that Britney Spears has given birth to a healthy baby boy.

Aguilera and Spears, who are depicted as pop rivals in the global press, starred together on children’s TV, before going on to launch simultaneous music careers.

However, in recent months, Aguilera has moved to express her compassion for Britney, giving MTV her reaction to the birth of her and Kevin Federline’s first child.

She said: “My assistant came in the room when it happened and she’s like, ‘Britney had a boy!’ and I was like, ‘Oh my gosh!’

“I don’t know where I was for a while when she was pregnant but it really kicked in at that point,” she explained at the Us Weekly US Weekly “Young Hollywood Hot 20” event on Friday.

“It’s like, wow, she had a baby! That’s crazy! I’m overjoyed and thrilled for her,” said Aguilera, who has apparently already sent Spears a gift and a card.

She added: “It’s such an exciting time in her life and I just wish her the best.”

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Sean Preston Has Smoothie Named In His Honour

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BRITNEY SPEARS’ baby boy SEAN PRESTON is already making waves in the culinary world – a new fruit smoothie has been named in his honour.

The pop beauty and her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE welcomed their child into the world on Wednesday (14SEP05), and just a day later, a new beverage arrived on the menu of Spears’ dad JAMIE’s Venice, California, eatery JJ Chill.

JJ Chill co-owner, JOSEPH NEJMAN, says, “We’re introducing a new smoothie in honour of Britney’s boy. We’re calling it the Preston Smoothie and it consists of only fat-free frozen yogurt, strawberries and mangoes.”

Source: Contact Music

Brad Garrett Comments On Britney & Sean At The Emmy Awards

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Tony Shalhoub nabbed the best comedic actor category again for his role as neurotic detective Adrian Monk. “I just want to say there’s always next year, except for Ray Romano,” he told his fellow nominees. And then of course there were the stalwarts, such as Raymond’s Brad Garrett and Doris Roberts who both took home supporting acting awards. For Garrett, the award was his third.

“Oh, my gosh, thank you so much,” he said before jokingly adding, “I have to dedicate this to Britney (Spears) and our baby. This is amazing.”

Source: CFRA

Email Replies

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Thank you to everyone for emailing me with news, opinions and questions over the last few days, but as I posted below, I’ve been having trouble with my computer, which is now fixed.

I thought I would thank you all here instead of replying to them all which would take forever! I am still busy fixing my computer so I hope you understand that I couldn’t answer many questions.

One question I will answer: I won’t send you the full versions of the songs I posted clips of below, or post the full ones on the site. If you want to hear the full versions you can download them in the members-only section of our forum.