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Rumour: Britney To Write Children's Kabbalah Book

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Britney Spears has been asked to write a Kabbalah children’s book. The sexy star – who became a follower of the mystical Jewish faith after being introduced to it by Madonna – is set to follow in the pop superstar’s footsteps after reportedly being approached by representatives of the church to pen a story inspired by the religion’s teachings.

Madonna has already written five children’s books, including ‘The English Roses’ and ‘Yakov and the Seven Thieves’, inspired by her Kabbalah beliefs and Britney, who recently gave birth to son Sean Preston, is said to be keen on the idea.

Meanwhile, Britney is allegedly furious with husband Kevin Federline’s non-stop partying.

Kevin has been spotted out drinking with friends several times since the birth of the couple’s son leaving new mum Britney at home.

Source: Female First

Rumour: Britney Overwhelmed By Motherhood

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According to a report from America’s Life & Style magazine, new mom Britney Spears is said to be overwhelmed by motherhood. The Toxic singer is reportedly having ‘dark thoughts’ that something awful may happen to her baby.
“I’m so nervous I’m not doing things right,” Britney reportedly told a friend. Her rep insists that she’s fine.

A licensed therapist cited by the magazine that does not treat the pop princess says that this type of obsession and quick irritability are two signs of postpartum depression reports National Ledger.

Meanwhile, Britney is said to be upset that Kevin is not spending enough time helping her with their baby son, Sean Preston.

Insiders claims she was particularly annoyed when her husband spent two hours having his hair braided, while she was left to change the baby’s diapers.

Kevin, who has two children with ex-girlfriend Shar Jackson, has also reportedly been avoiding his fatherly duties by partying till the early hours at nightclubs.

Source: Bosh

Rumour: Britney Laughs At Kevin's "Music"

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Britney Spears had some harsh advice for her hubby regarding his nascent singing career: Don’t get your hopes up.

Kevin Federline recently brought home some music he’d recorded and he played it for Spears, according to the new issue of In Touch Weekly.

His efforts were “greeted with hurtful laughter from his superstar wife, who was unimpressed,” reports the mag. “She said his debut CD might sell ‘a hundred, maybe a thousand’ copies if he was lucky,’” an “insider” told the mag, who added, “Kevin looked really hurt.”

Spears’ unkind review comes at a time when the new parents are said to be going through an extended rough patch. Her “tolerance for his behavior is waning quickly,” reports In Touch. For example, while Spears was busy changing their infant son’s diapers, Federline reportedly spent two hours getting his hair braided. And after a blow-up on Oct. 19, Federline went to a nightclub called Mood, where he partied until well after midnight.

“He seemed kind of out of it,” a witness told the mag. “Everyone was like, Go home to your family. Isn’t it a bit soon to be out partying?”

Source: MSNBC
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Official UK Site for "Chaotic"

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Click2Music UK have created an official website for “Chaotic” including information about the DVD contents, exclusive clips from the DVD and a pre-order for the DVD’s release on the 31st October. To visit the site, click here.

The DVD has been given a 15 rating by the BBFC.

The tracklisting of the bonus CD is said to have only 4 tracks (like the EU/AU version) which does not include the exclusive Japan/UK only track that is meant to be on it. Perhaps they still don’t know which track is meant to be the bonus yet.

"Chaotic" Out Now In New Zealand, Release Postponed in Australia

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“Britney and Kevin: Chaotic… The DVD & more” was released earlier this week in New Zealand.

Sounds Music Stores have not yet recieved the courier for the boxes, unusually. Apparently they should have arrived this Tuesday but there is still no sign of them and so many people have been calling up. However, you can order it online via their website by clicking here which can be bought at $34.95. Also, realgroovy have it in stock at that same price.

As for Australia, have updated their site to include a release date which has been pushed back from Monday 31st October to Monday 14th November. You can check out those details by clicking here.

It seems as if NZ is not following the footsteps of Australia anymore. Usually items are released in Australia before they are in NZ but for the first time, it’s been reversed.

Britney's Hurricane Trauma

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BRITNEY SPEARS became fraught with worry in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina hitting America’s Gulf Coast, because she couldn’t contact her Louisiana-based family for four days.

The TOXIC singer, who was in California with her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE awaiting the birth of her son SEAN PRESTON when the disaster struck at the end of August (05), had to wait for power to be restored in the devastated region before hearing that her relatives were in good health.

Her younger sister JAMIE LYNN says, “When Katrina hit, I was home with my mom and some of my aunts, but Britney and Kevin were in LA and weren’t able to talk to them for about four days. That was hard.

“It’s really scary not being able to call your family and let them know you’re OK.”

Jamie Lynn recently travelled to Mississippi to help the hurricane victims.

Source: Contact Music