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“You are bidding on a seven percent (7%) interest in the hit single, “Everytime.” Only you, Britney and her co-writer, A. Stamatelatos will be listed as the owners.

This is an EBAY first. Never before has a copyright interest in a hit song written & performed by a major recording artist ever been auctioned on eBay. It may never happen again.

Can you imagine owing a piece of a Britney Spears hit song that she actually co-wrote herself – a song that will likely continue to earn money for the rest of your life and an inheritance for your heirs?

This ASCAP registered song, “EVREYTIME,” which appears on Britney’s most recent LP, In the Zone, has already sold over 7 million albums worldwide and more than a million singles.

The seven percent (7%) share I own of “Everytime” has already earned approximately $60,000 and the earnings will likely go on forever. You’ll get a check four times a year from ASCAP for performances (radio/TV/film) and checks twice a year from LP sales, ring tones, TV, Film, sheet music, etc.

Imagine your friends’ envy and amazement when they walk into your living room and see dozens of Britney Gold & Platinum discs on your walls – in YOUR name – testimony to the millions of LPs and Singles sold ‘round the world. As one of the three owners of this song – the others are Britney and her co-writer, Annette Stamatelatos; you will be eligible to receive the Gold and Platinum sales awards should you decide you want them.

If some Hollywood big shot wants to use the song in a film or TV show, they will have to get YOUR approval or they can’t use it. And they will have to pay you. The same goes for advertisers. If another artist decides to record the song, you will make even more money.

It’s impossible to know how much the song will bring in each year because nobody knows how many times the song will be played on the radio; how many LPs will be sold; how much sheet music will sell, or how many times the song is used in films, advertising or TV. But as a rule a song earns 8.5 cents on every record sold and you get paid each time it’s on the radio, used in advertising, in a film/TV, etc.

I’ll never forget the day I first heard this amazing song. I was in the recording studio with Britney, her manager Larry Rudolph, and her co-writer Annette. Annette had been Britney’s back-up singer and was staying with Britney in L.A. as a friend while Britney was working on her In the Zone LP. I’m a manager in the music business and two of my clients were also in the room that day working with Britney – that’s why I was there.

Anyway, we were all waiting for Britney to show up and when she arrived with Annette she said she wanted to play us a song that they had written up at Britney’s house (at the time) at the top of Doheny Drive in Beverly Hills.

Britney sat down at the piano and sang “Everytime” while she played and Annette sang harmonies. I was blown away. I immediately said to everybody in the room, “this is a hit song.” I acquired my ownership interest in the song from Annette when the song was released.

Many people believe this very special song was written about Britney’s ex-boyfriend, Justin Timberlake and that’s what Annette told me at the time. In fact, Annette told me it’s also about her ex-boyfriend and the two of them wrote the song while commiserating about their ex flames.

In the Zone is certified Gold and Platinum status in virtually every major worldwide territory. In the USA the LP has sold almost three million records or almost 3x platinum.

I haven’t bothered to take the time to collect all the gold and platinum discs but I do have photos here of the gold single award for the UK and the Platinum LP award. I recently ordered the USA double Platinum award and there is a pic here of it being framed before it was shipped out to me.

Many of you will be new to the music publishing business and I will be happy to answer all your questions in detail. Finally the song is currently being administered by major publisher Universal Music Publishing. When the song was first released I did a three year Universal to collect the song income worldwide.

After this deal expires in a year and a half you can keep the song with them [Universal] to administer the copyright or move it somewhere else at your discretion. “


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