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Rumour: Britney Wants Family Turned Into Dolls

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Britney Spears wants her family’s likeness turned into dolls.

The pop star has asked toy-makers Mattel to create plastic versions of her, husband Kevin Federline and their new baby son, Sean Preston, for her fans to play with.

Insiders say Britney also wants plastic doll versions of her mother/manager Lynne, dad Jamie, older brother Bryan and younger sister Jamie Lynn to be included in the collection.

She is also hoping the Barbie-style range will also include a toy replica of her pricey Malibu mansion, her pink Hummer car and her personal yacht. Even Britney’s tiny dogs, Bit Bit, Lucky and Lacy, are slated to have their own micro-mini doubles.

A source quoted by Britain’s Daily Star newspaper says: “There is already a Britney Spears Barbie doll but it has proved so popular, there’s talk of producing an entire Britney Spears family. They are bound to be huge in the States”.

Source: All Headline News

The Writers Of The New Single

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AND THEN WE KISS (Title Code: 311015219)


BURBANK, CA, 91521
Tel. (815) 569-3228

Also, don’t forget it will be remixed (or produced, however you like to look at it) by Junkie XL.

The writers have worked with Cher on hits like “Believe” and also with Enrique Iglesias on his hits “Bailamos” and “Hero.”

"Remixed" Promo Vinyls Already Sent To US Radio Stations

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A double sided promotional 12″ vinyl has been sent out to US radio stations featuring “Key Cuts” from the upcoming Britney remix album.

Side A features a Bill Hamel 12″ remix of “Touch of My Hand” and a Justice extended version of “Me Against The Music”.

Side B contains Peter Rauhofer’s Reconstruction mix of “Toxic” and the Thin White Duke “Breathe On Me” mix.

The artwork features outtakes from the “Britney” album photoshoots, which can be seen in the previous update.

You can bid or “Buy it now” for $15.98 at

Bra Back on eBay

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The bra has now been added back to eBay after the confusion (you can see why in previous articles). The auction has been reset so there are still 6 days left to bid on it. It’s already back up to $31,000!

You can view the listing and bid for it, if you have a LOT of money to burn here!

Thanks to Amber Allen, Tarron, brandibaltz and Steph for letting me know it was relisted!

The Reason Britney's Bra Was Removed From eBay

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What happened to Britney Spears’ bra?

One of the many items Britney Spears was offering in a charity auction on eBay was her jewel-encrusted bra from the “Toxic” video. Then, that listing disappeared.

According to eBay spokesman Hani Durzy, it fell into a forbidden category. He says one of eBay’s policies is that it does not list used undergarments. That’s mainly to ward off fetishists.

Durzy says a customer support staffer caught the listing and pulled it.

However, he admits that it was probably a judgement call in a gray area. He says the item probably should not have been listed in the bra category, but as an entertainment collectible.

He says eBay has contacted the seller and will relist the bra under a new category if the seller desires.

That means bidding would start over. The bidding for the bra in the original listing had topped $30,000.

Source: MSNBC