Rumour: Britney Sends Back Kevin's Ferrari

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Britney Spears has sent hubby Kevin Federline packing and she even had his high dollar Ferrari towed back to the dealership according to one report.

The one-time back up dancer has reportedly landed at the Beverly Hills hotel. The pop tart and new mom booted K-Fed because a pot-packing pal of Federline’s showed up at their house, a report claimed.

Kev was out – according to the NY Post.

“Britney turned around and fired two of her longtime security guards for letting what she called ‘the weedman’ into the house,” a source tells Star magazine.

“She just seemed crazy with anger.”

But perhaps the weedman gave Kevin a ride as now gossips are all buzzing as a Ferrari is pictured being towed.

The Sunday Mail UK reports the “24-year-old new mum called the tow truck for Kevin Federline’s silver 360 Spider.”


A truck arrived at her home to haul away K-Fed’s high-dollar Italian sportscar, the report states.

There are pictures floating around of a Ferrari being towed, but its unclear if the ride is really or was really Kevin’s.

Source: National Ledger

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