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Britney Wants "Extreme Makeover"

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Pop tart Britney Spears needs a new look a published reports suggests. The singer is still fighting the whole baby weight thing and has gone back and forth with hair extensions and her clothing choices have left a bit to be desired at some points as well.

The star seems to realize it and now allegedly wants an extreme makeover, according to the magazine Us Weekly.

Her goals, get a new look, fix her private life and jump start her career.

The pop tart’s publicist Leslie Sloane tells Us Weekly that now that it’s been a few months since Mrs. Federline gave birth, she’s in “a makeover mode.”

The mag reports that Britney is frustrated over her post-baby bod, rocky marriage and stalled career, so she’s taking time for herself and she’s gearing up for a fresh start.

The mag then gives some opinions from ‘experts.’

–“It wouldn’t hurt if she hit the gym a little. She just had a baby, so it’s completely understandable she put on weight, but she was so hot!” — Marianela (VJ and host of Fuse’s Daily Download) notes for her “new look.”

— I’d have a photographer take very good, sensitive family pictures with the child and then place that picture [in the press] — not try to sell it for $200,000.” — Howard Rubenstein dishes on fixing her private life.

— Should she dump Kevin? I think so. Part of [her appeal] was that she wasn’t married. You had this illusion of innocence. You can’t have that when you have the hillbilly husband.” — Steve Martin, the Foo-fighter rep, not the actor believes.

Look – Brit is still very young. Stage two of her career can go brilliantly, but she will have to get dedicated and get that body back.

She needs to stay out of sight, get back that killer pre-baby body and emerge back as the pop tart Britney.

Source: National Ledger

Rumour: Britney Thinks She Was A Sheep Dog In Past Life

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Pop tart Britney Spears is convinced she was a sheep dog in her past life.

Despite being brought up as a good ‘Christian girl’ Britters has spent the last couple of years dabbling in various religious beliefs.

She even has her baby son Sean Preston take part in a celebration ceremony at her local Hindu temple in Malibu.

Britney has also attended several reincarnation sessions with Edgar Cayce, a Hindu psychic master that have helped her regress to her past lives which have led her to believes she was a dog in a former life.

A source told the Daily Star: “Britney’s fascinated by the Hindu concept that we are all born as different people or animals depending on how good or bad we were in our previous lives.

“Britney says she actually had flashbacks of being a Shetland sheepdog.

“And she reckons her bossiness is a by products of her days pushing sheep around!”

Blame it on the dogs Britney!

Source: Entertainmentwise

Rumour: Kevin Snubs Jive Records

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Pop princess Britney Spears is reportedly furious with her husband Kevin Federline for snubbing an offer from her record company to promote his forthcoming CD, The National Enquirer reveals.

The magazine says that Britney’s label, Jive Records, is willing to sign Kevin as a new artist and promote his debut album — which would almost guarantee the former dancer a money-making hit.

Instead, the mag dishes, Kevin, 27, rejected their offer and arrogantly feels he knows more about how to manage his music debut.

The Enquirer cites a source saying: “Kevin believes he knows it all. He told Britney, ‘I’m K-Fed. I don’t want to be known as Mr. Britney Spears.'” He turned down Jive because he said he doesn’t want a deal out of pity or a promise to Britney. But so far, Jive is the only music label willing to back his CD.”

If Kevin didn’t have enough trouble with Britney to begin with, snubbing the record label will only add more strife to his already stress-filled marriage.

The Star’s source continues: “He’s being so stubborn about the record deal, it infuriates Britney. Rather than take his wife’s experience into consideration in making his decisions, Kevin resents her interference in his ‘thing.’ “His arrogance and ego are getting the better of him.”

Source: Post Chronicle

Rememeber it’s from the National Enquirer…

Rumour: Britney & Kevin In Bowling Therapy

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According to late rumors, famous pop singer Britney Spears and her troublesome husband, dancer Kevin Federline, were advised by their marriage therapist play bowling together, in an attempt to loose the tension between them

Spears, 24, and Federline, 26, who just had their first child together, were spotted in a Los Angeles bowling alley, playing and having fun.

Britney was overheard saying: ‘Bowling allows us to curse at each other in a good way. It was recommended as therapy – a way to have something fun to do together.’

Meanwhile, although things were cooling down between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, the pop singer sparked again concern that her marriage is in trouble, after she was photographed shopping without her wedding ring on.

Spears was seen wandering around some Malibu shops wearing the ring Kevin bought her when they got married.

Source: Spotlight News

UK Chart Update

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Britney’s “Greatest Hits: My Prerogative” album re-enters the UK album chart this week at #53. This is obviously due to after-christmas sale prices of the album (lots of stores are offering it for under £5!)