Britney In Las Vegas – Interview & New Pictures!

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Note: All this (including the pics) took place last night (5th January)

In an EXCLUSIVE AOL CityGuide LuxeLife interview, Britney told me: “I want more babies. I love being a mom. It’s the greatest thing in the world.” Considering what fans of the pop couple have been reading of their troubled relationship — reported first right here in LuxeLife — almost nothing could come as more shocking news.

Above, our exclusive photo — a rare pose — of Britney with dad Jamie, brother Bryan and mom Lynne at the Palms Casino resort.

On a spur of the moment decision at about noontime yesterday (Thurs. Jan 5), the couple drove across the desert on the I-15 from Los Angeles to Las Vegas in two SUVs. “Britney is one of the world’s worst flyers. She just doesn’t like planes,” one of her relatives told me. So brother Bryan took the plane and Britney, Kevin, new-born babe Sean Preston and a new nanny (plus requisite drivers and bodyguards) took almost 6 hours to journey from Malibu. Britney told me “It was so windy, we just couldn’t go any faster. It wouldn’t have been safe.”

On arrival in Vegas at close to 6 PM, they discovered there was “no room at the inn,” because the 130,000 strong Consumer Electronics Show had booked almost every room in the town! Even host George Maloof (right, with Kevin) couldn’t find space in his Palms hotel, where the family enjoyed a private party last night after arriving. “I just couldn’t find a thing” George said. “I was beyond fully sold out — and every one of my Fantasy Suites had been booked months in advance. C-Net alone took two floors of six supersuites.”

Eventually, Palms execs contacted the Aladdin, which provided owner Robert Earl’s personal suite. He’s the honcho currently turning the property into the first Planet Hollywood casino resort, due to open Dec. 17 this year. After checking in, Britney called mom at the Palms to come help her with the baby and to get ready for the soiree.

The event in question, organized by Britney’s dad Jamie (who is also the Maloof family’s private chef) and George Maloof, took over the Palms’ already infamous — if not legendary — new Hardwood Suite (left) to launch the new ‘Palms Play Poker At Home’ DVD. Deal-maker Jamie was the key man responsible for bringing the DVD software programmers together with star Cindy Margolis (best known as the internet’s most famous pinup) and then with the Maloof’s movie company. “Britney’s coming to give me a hug to celebrate and wish us well” the proud papa told me, as he got Cindy and I to pose for the photo you see here.

Photographers and reporters weren’t permitted into the very private suite when word leaked that the pop singer was en route to make her surprise visit at 10:45 PM — but yours truly was given an all-clear. CES VIPs at the party (no more than 30 people altogether) were even asked not to take fotos with their cell-phones by Britney’s security staff — but again, she said it was OK for the family portraits you see here exclusively on AOL’s Luxe Life.

As you will no doubt notice, though, while we observed them being casually couple-like throughout the evening, Britney and Kevin still avoided posing for any “second Honeymoon” type shots together …

“It’s definitely an on-and-off relationship between Britney and Kevin,” one of her closest friends confided to me. “It certainly was off the last time, when he was here by himself. [Click Here and Here for our exclusive reporting on last month’s drama–in case you missed it!] But today, it’s definitely on. However, their relationship is much like a hurricane. You know that one is coming. You just dont know exactly when, and how much damage it’s going to cause when it does!”

Maloof’s Hardwood suite is the only hotel accomodation in the world which features a basketball court (left) — complete with locker rooms! [Click here for more details.] After getting a tour from owner Maloof, Kevin and Britney tossed basketballs from the 2nd floor of the duplex atthe basket. Standing alongside them, I can honestly say Britney is the better shot — even better than her brother Bryan, who tried to beat both of them!

Talking about the Palms Fantasy Tower of supersuites, Kevin told me: “This is dangerous. I just want to check in and never leave! We’re definitely coming back here as soon as possible.”

George M also brought the whole family up to the 25th and 26th floors for a full tour of the Erotic, Pink, Ghostbar, HipHop, Kingpin, Hot Pink and Director suites. Kevin continued raving: “You can’t even believe this actually exists inside a hotel.” Their sneak visit last night to the Palms was also to make up for Britney’s absence last month during the official opening of the Fantasy Towers — owing to the prior breakup with Kevin.

Sipping on grapefruit juice, Britney (above, with mom and dad again) laughed with me about how different my English accent was from her Louisiana accent. “I grew up watching you on Lifestyles,” she told me. ” I always wanted to live like that!” she laughed. Sometimes dreams do come true.

I asked how she was enjoying motherhood. She told me:”I almost couldn’t leave Preston tonight to get here. He was crying, and I’ve sort of made it a rule never to leave while he’s crying. But mom came over to help and that quieted him down. I love being a mother, and I want to have more babies.”

Although Britney and Kevin are at the Aladdin they made plans for dinner at the Palms steak house N9ne and a disco visit to the must-see hot spot TAO nightclub at the Venetian. But her parents admitted that none of it might happen, because of the Consumer Electronics Show filling everything. “It may just wind up being a quiet family weekend — we’re with the kids and our grandson” said Britney’s mom Lynne proudly, “and that’s just fine with all of us…”

Source: AOL LuxeLife Vegas

I wonder why Brit calls him Preston instead of Sean??!!

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