Kevin's New Access Hollywood Interview About Sean Preston

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Access Hollywood’s Maria Menounos sat down with the man who stole Britney’s heart – Kevin Federline.

“First of all, do we call you K-Fed?” Maria asked.

“No dude,” he groaned.

“I’m just kidding,” Maria laughed. “Everywhere I look it says ‘K-Fed’ and I’m thinking to myself, ‘I know he’s not doing that.'”

“No, I’m not doing that at all,” he sighed.

And the truth is, Kevin is a doting and ambitious dad who lights up in a way no paparazzi photo could ever capture when you bring up his baby son, Sean Preston.

“What do you call him?” Maria asked Kevin.

“I call him Sean P,” he smiled. “That’s my boy.”

Indeed, as Sean P is growing up, so is dad Kevin. When he sat down with Maria, she discovered a cleaned-up, serious dad who was personable, confident and more than willing to share the details of fatherhood.

“I love it. I get up in the morning with him and he’s, like, all ready to play and stuff,” Kevin beamed.

“What do you play with him?” asked Maria.

“I mean, he’s just getting ready to talk is he is ‘gooing’ and ‘gahhing,'” he laughed.

“Are you ‘gooing’ and ‘gahhing’ with him?” Maria wondered.

“Oh yeah,” the proud papa admitted.

It’s understandable if you’re surprised since it’s not exactly the same picture painted by the tabloids. But the man primarily portrayed as a partier loves being a father.

And the million-dollar question… how is Kevin when it comes to changing diapers?

“I’ve got it down to a science,” he said. “I can do it with one hand tied behind my back with the phone on my ear.”

“No way!” Maria exclaimed in disbelief. “I’d be covering up if it was a boy. I would hold the diaper on top so you don’t get squirted.”

“If it’s your child, it’s different. You don’t care about those things. It’s so minor,” Kevin explained. “You become a parent and nothing else really matters.”

Once Maria got a glimpse of Kevin the dad, it was time to find out about Kevin the recording artist.

First question, just one word: PopoZao.

That would be Kevin’s new Brazilian-flavored dance single “PopoZao.”

“What does it mean again? Nice ass?” Maria asked. “Wait, I mean nice butt. Hold on, do we need to that again? Can I say that on TV?”

“There you go. Nice ass. You can say it on television if it’s positive, right?” Kevin laughed.

Kevin is busy writing and recording his first CD, which is due out in April.

“The album is called ‘Truth’ right?” Maria asked.

“No, no. That’s all tabloid rumors. I was thinking of calling it ‘Rearranged,'” he revealed.

“Why?” asked Maria.

“It’s time I come out and take control of my situation so I’m rearranging my whole character and letting people know who I am. It’s not like everybody knows who I am. You see this picture of me and it says this and that and that’s not true.”

Well, speaking of pictures…

“Do you have any pictures of Sean Preston with you?” Maria inquired.

“Nope,” Kevin said.

Well, to be fair, none that he was willing to show us on camera. But Maria got a private viewing and she said that Sean P is beautiful.

So when it comes to baby, is Kevin a spoiling kind of dad?

“Yeah. I want to say spoiled as much as it’s so easy for him to win me over,” he smiled.

“Who is going to be the disciplinarian?” asked Maria.

“I will, I will,” he said.

So does that mean that mom Britney is a pushover when it comes to baby Sean?

“Oh yeah,” he laughed.

“She must be so in love with him,” Maria said.

“Oh yeah. We are happy. Love it,” the proud papa said.

“Do you guys think you’ll have more?” Maria asked.

“We’ll have to see about that one,” Kevin grinned.

Source: Access Hollywood

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