More Info About The Hindu Ritual Britney & Sean Preston Attended

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Julie here… just sending along the info on the new Britney & little gorgeous Sean P photos for ya!

“Malibu, CA :: Religion in Hollywood is rapidly changing. But for today… Hinduiusm is in, Kabbalah is out. Britney Spears took her son Sean Preston Federline to the Malibu Hindu Temple yesterday for a traditional Hindu ritual where people smear tikkas (red vermilion paste, aka red dye) on each other’s foreheads . Britney Spears happily received the divine eye, aka tikka (a sacred symbol to show that the person has been to worship), on her forehead during the religious ceremony. The tikka also symbolizes that she is married and given blessings and good wishes for marital bliss. Here’s to maritual bliss for Britney Spears and Kevin Federline!”

Hope this helps!

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