Britney Wants "Extreme Makeover"

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Pop tart Britney Spears needs a new look a published reports suggests. The singer is still fighting the whole baby weight thing and has gone back and forth with hair extensions and her clothing choices have left a bit to be desired at some points as well.

The star seems to realize it and now allegedly wants an extreme makeover, according to the magazine Us Weekly.

Her goals, get a new look, fix her private life and jump start her career.

The pop tart’s publicist Leslie Sloane tells Us Weekly that now that it’s been a few months since Mrs. Federline gave birth, she’s in “a makeover mode.”

The mag reports that Britney is frustrated over her post-baby bod, rocky marriage and stalled career, so she’s taking time for herself and she’s gearing up for a fresh start.

The mag then gives some opinions from ‘experts.’

–“It wouldn’t hurt if she hit the gym a little. She just had a baby, so it’s completely understandable she put on weight, but she was so hot!” — Marianela (VJ and host of Fuse’s Daily Download) notes for her “new look.”

— I’d have a photographer take very good, sensitive family pictures with the child and then place that picture [in the press] — not try to sell it for $200,000.” — Howard Rubenstein dishes on fixing her private life.

— Should she dump Kevin? I think so. Part of [her appeal] was that she wasn’t married. You had this illusion of innocence. You can’t have that when you have the hillbilly husband.” — Steve Martin, the Foo-fighter rep, not the actor believes.

Look – Brit is still very young. Stage two of her career can go brilliantly, but she will have to get dedicated and get that body back.

She needs to stay out of sight, get back that killer pre-baby body and emerge back as the pop tart Britney.

Source: National Ledger

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