Rumour: Britney & Kevin In Bowling Therapy

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According to late rumors, famous pop singer Britney Spears and her troublesome husband, dancer Kevin Federline, were advised by their marriage therapist play bowling together, in an attempt to loose the tension between them

Spears, 24, and Federline, 26, who just had their first child together, were spotted in a Los Angeles bowling alley, playing and having fun.

Britney was overheard saying: ‘Bowling allows us to curse at each other in a good way. It was recommended as therapy – a way to have something fun to do together.’

Meanwhile, although things were cooling down between Britney Spears and Kevin Federline, the pop singer sparked again concern that her marriage is in trouble, after she was photographed shopping without her wedding ring on.

Spears was seen wandering around some Malibu shops wearing the ring Kevin bought her when they got married.

Source: Spotlight News

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