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Britney Surprises Girls At School (Article & Video)

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The students of St. Catherine of Siena School in Metairie, La., have been through a lot together — especially after Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast.

Lindsay Hernandez, 14, lived with 21 relatives and friends after her home was destroyed. See-Sha James Hayes, 17, lost her dog and her home, and is still living apart from her parents. Maycie Melerine, 13, misses her lost pictures after everything she owned was lost to the floodwaters. Auntrell Prosper, 17, still has Beyonce posters on her bedroom walls in her devastated home, but she and her family live in a trailer.

The girls sat down for breakfast with City Councilman Jay Batt to discuss the effects of Katrina, but were in for a surprise when they were joined by Louisiana native, pop star and new mom Britney Spears. She stunned the girls when she told them she was taking them shopping “to pick out some really good outfits.”

The surprises didn’t stop there. Their next stop was Emeril Lagasse’s signature restaurant. There, the girls enjoyed a traditional Cajun meal of red beans and rice, fried chicken, and macaroni and cheese.

In between bites and girl talk, the group discussed the serious ramifications of the storm.

“We came back to Baton Rouge and there was no room. We had to go to a shelter,” Auntrell said.

The girls were in for one last surprise, fleur-de-lis pins — the symbol of New Orleans — on blue ribbons. The pins represent rebirth, a reminder of a few happy hours amid the specter of Hurricane Katrina.

“It was awesome. I will never forget it,” Lindsay said.

The Gatorettes

Spears also surprised the school’s dance troupe, the Gatorettes.

After the storm, the dance team was spread all over the country. Now the Gatorettes are back together and ready to practice.

“Coming to dance, it’s a relaxing time to have fun instead of worrying about other things from the hurricane,” said Emily Lococo, 12.

Source: ABC

You can stream the video here!

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Live Mardi Gras Update: What Happened So Far?

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This info comes from Cocaine @, so thanks to him for this:

A bunch of 12 and 13 year old cheerleaders were doing a cheer in their school gymnasium. The Good Morning America reporter tells us that some of these girls are homeless (due to hurricane Katrina). Surprise! Britney walks in. The tweens freak out and squeal like the little girls they are. Britney is all “That was awesome y’all.” The girls freak out and tell Britney how much they love her. Well educated Britney replies “Dancing is, like, my favorite thing in the world.” So the girls perform a cheer for Britney. After said cheer one girl replies, matching Britney’s grammar skills, “That was, like, the best part of my life!!!!” Merely moments after the news reporter tells us that some of these girls are homeless, Britney reveals a surprise. She brought bags of CDs and DVDs for the whole squad.

Britney also took four girls on a shopping spree and ate lunch with them. Hopefully we’ll get the video of all this soon! Thanks a lot to jessylynne for this info.

Britney's "Will & Grace" Episode To Air March 30th According To AH

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Madonna has done her guest spot on “Will & Grace.”

So has Cher, Matt Damon, Michael Douglas and Jennifer Lopez, just to name a few of the celebs who have graced the sitcom’s stage.

And now, after taking several months of maternity leave, Britney Spears is returning to work with a must-see cameo of her own.

In fact, when she made her appearance on the set, she surprised and excited the studio audience so much, the show had to stop just to give her a proper introduction, much to the delight of the crowd.

“I think anybody in their right mind, any celebrity would want to be a part of that,” Britney said of her primetime cameo.

Wearing a knee-length tight red dress, the long-haired blond Britney proudly showed off her post baby body.

But the gum-chewing Spears had a close call right before one scene, when she suddenly needed to lose her gum as the director called “Action!”

Britney quickly spit it out and tossed it backstage just in time to hit the stage.

In her first primetime television episodic appearance, Britney plays a Christian conservative sidekick to Jack (Sean Hayes) on the episode “Jack Talk.”

In the episode, when “Out TV” is bought by a Christian Television Network, Spears is brought on to be Jack’s new religious co-host — until Will (Eric McCormack) and Jack loosen her up. But leave it to Britney to bring her own unique additions to the talk show.

After taping her guest appearance, the pop princess talked about her comedy gig and her castmates.

“It’s just hilarious and I think all the secrets that get shown through the show, it’s hilarious,” Britney said.

And how did her castmates treat the music superstar?

“They are so mean to me,” she laughed. “No, they are amazing. They are so sweet.”

Catch Britney on “Will & Grace” when the episode airs March 30 on NBC.

Source: Access Hollywood

Pics: Britney Relaxing In Hawaii With Sean Preston And Fe (February 23rd)

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A heavily guarded Britney Spears enjoys a vacation at a resort on Maui, Hawaii. A cowboy hat wearing Britney enjoyed drinks while her nanny looked after son Sean Preston in a cabanna protecting the baby boy from the sunshine. Britney is seen here checking out a fellow holiday makers young child. Britney was also spotted walking Sean Preston in his stroller and at the beach. The star is reportedly in Hawaii to shoot the video for husband Kevin’s debut video “PopoZao.”

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I don’t know about everyone else, but I’ve got to say, I’m sick of the rumours that Britney is pregnant again. How can they say she looks fat on the beach in Maui? She looks the best she’s done since giving birth!

Britney and Kevin have already said they’re waiting a few years before baby number 2, so until there’s an announcement everyone should forget about it…