Live Mardi Gras Update: What Happened So Far?

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This info comes from Cocaine @, so thanks to him for this:

A bunch of 12 and 13 year old cheerleaders were doing a cheer in their school gymnasium. The Good Morning America reporter tells us that some of these girls are homeless (due to hurricane Katrina). Surprise! Britney walks in. The tweens freak out and squeal like the little girls they are. Britney is all “That was awesome y’all.” The girls freak out and tell Britney how much they love her. Well educated Britney replies “Dancing is, like, my favorite thing in the world.” So the girls perform a cheer for Britney. After said cheer one girl replies, matching Britney’s grammar skills, “That was, like, the best part of my life!!!!” Merely moments after the news reporter tells us that some of these girls are homeless, Britney reveals a surprise. She brought bags of CDs and DVDs for the whole squad.

Britney also took four girls on a shopping spree and ate lunch with them. Hopefully we’ll get the video of all this soon! Thanks a lot to jessylynne for this info.

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