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Pics: Britney Leaves The Set Of "Will & Grace" (February 9th)

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Britney Spears is back, shooting a guest appearance on Will & Grace. The pop star/actress left the studio with her assistant and headed to The Good Earth for lunch. Seems Brit being a bit serious after enduring the scandal surrounding X17’s exclusive pix of her driving with her baby son Sean on her lap on Monday.

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Britney Interview About The Infamous Driving Incident

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Britney Spears designed her own daring dress for the Grammy after parties on Wednesday night.

But three days before, the pop star was making headlines for all the wrong reasons when she was photographed driving with her baby on her lap.

Was she running from the paparazzi or endangering her child? Access Hollywood’s Tony Potts got the exclusive story when he caught up with Britney and Kevin after the Grammys.

“How are you guys responding to all the hub bub over what happened the other day with Sean Preston?” Tony asked the party-going couple.

“It is what it is, it’s the press. I mean, there is nothing new with them, with me,” Britney told Access.

Britney arrived relaxed and dazzling at Mariah Carey’s bash thrown with Jermaine Dupri and presented by LG Mobile Phones. And as she showed up sporting a self-designed mini-dress with Kevin on her side, she came right to Tony to explain for the first time what happened.

The photos in question showed Britney cruising down a very busy California highway with her four-and-a-half-month-old out of a car seat and directly behind the wheel. The pictures have brought severe criticism to Britney, who initially blamed aggressive paparazzi for frightening her into the poor decision.

But now, upon more reflection, Brit is accepting some of the responsibility.

“It’s kind of like I made a mistake and so it is what is, I guess,” she told Tony.

That being said, she’s not taking all the blame.

“Being put in the situation that I was in, it was kind of bad with the paparazzi,” she explained. “Last week, my mom and me went out and they were on us really bad, so it’s just, you do instinctively what you need to do.”

Source: Access Hollywood

Rumour: Britney & Kevin Argue At Pre-Grammy Party

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“They were really going at each other,” says one eyewitness. “It was shortly after midnight and Kanye had only been on stage a few minutes when Kevin and Britney got into some big disagreement which turned into a full-scale shouting match. They both looked pretty angry and everyone else in the box was staring at them with amazement and shock. After a few minutes of yelling at each other, she stormed out leaving him in the box. She left with one of her bodyguards, got in her car and took off. Kevin stayed in the box with singer Brandy and his buddies.”

Source: Perez

Britney left without Kevin, with her assistant Felicia and a bodyguard, without Kevin (or any makeup on) so this might be true.

Authorities Not Persuing Charges Against Britney

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Authorities were investigating an incident in which Britney Spears was photographed driving with her infant son on her lap but didn’t intend to pursue charges against the pop diva, officials said.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Diane Hecht said Tuesday that deputies went to Spears’ home to collect information for the county Department of Family and Children Services. A DCFS spokesman declined to offer specifics about the incident.

“We don’t say who, what or if we’re investigating,” department spokesman Stu Riskin said.

The sheriff’s department won’t pursue any charges, Deputy Luis Castro said.
“Unless a deputy saw the violation, there’s nothing we can do,” he said. “We don’t even know if this took place in our jurisdiction.”

Several photos published Tuesday showed Spears driving her SUV with her son, Sean Preston, perched on her lap rather than strapped into a car seat in the back seat. Spears said she did it because of a “horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi.”

The photos show Spears holding the wheel of the car with one hand, and her 4-month-old baby in the other. A person is shown sitting in the passenger seat next to Spears.

“I was terrified that this time the physically aggressive paparazzi would put both me and my baby in danger,” Spears, 24, said in a statement released late Monday.

“I instinctively took measures to get my baby and me out of harm’s way, but the paparazzi continued to stalk us,” she said. “I love my child and would do anything to protect him.”

The agency that snapped the photos, X17, said the pictures were taken “in a very peaceful context, in which photographers exhibited no aggressive behavior.”

“We believe that the pictures speak for themselves,” the agency said in a statement.

Spears gave birth to her son in September. He is her first child with husband of one year, former backup dancer Kevin Federline.

Source: Associated Press

Britney Under Investigation Over Dangerous Driving

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A Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy went to the Malibu home of Britney Spears on Tuesday to collect information for child welfare investigators after photos showing the pop star apparently driving with her infant son on her lap began appearing on websites.

Spears, 24, said that she was trying to escape paparazzi and that she held the baby because she feared for his safety.

The photos, by a celebrity photographer, show Spears behind the wheel of an SUV with her 4-month-old son Sean Preston on her lap instead of strapped into a rear car seat as required by law.

Spears said in a statement that the photographs were taken during a “horrifying, frightful encounter with the paparazzi.” She said she “instinctively took measures” to protect the baby.

A source close to Spears said that paparazzi confronted the singer near a Malibu Starbucks and that she made the two-minute trip home with her child in a state of panic.

Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Sgt. Diane Hecht said deputies went to Spears’ home to collect information for the county Department of Family and Children Services. Hecht referred further comment to the agency responsible for child welfare, which does not comment on investigations.

Source: LA Times