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USA Today Ponders Britney's 2006 Comeback

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All bets are on for the Britney Spears comeback of 2006.

The timing seems right. It has been 2½ years since she released a record of new material, son Sean Preston is 6 months old, and she has suggested in interviews that she’s ready to get back to work.

“She will have to find a way to reinvent herself, and the public is ready for that,” says Janice Min, editor in chief at Us Weekly. “People are fascinated still, and there is a way for her to capitalize on that.”

Spears’ comeback started Jan. 29, when she took a surprise stroll down the red carpet at a Screen Actors Guild awards after-party. A sit-down with People magazine followed in which she cooed about “that feeling of being on the stage, knowing it’s your best. I love that!” Then there was a live appearance on ABC’s Good Morning America Feb. 28.

Britney Spears is the only female artist to have four consecutive albums debut at No. 1, but her record sales have declined:

There’s more: Spears appears tonight on NBC’s Will & Grace, and in April her third perfume, In Control, will be available. Also in the works: an album planned for November.

But can she endure? And if she does, as what? Her options:

•Icon. After years of Spears-Madonna comparisons, Cher is now noted as a model Spears could follow. “That does seem to be the way things are going for Britney,” says Trent Vanegas, who writes the online celebrity blog Pink Is the New Blog. “People dress like Britney for Halloween, and lots of drag performers love to do Britney. I can totally see that, especially as she gets older.”

But not quite yet, Min says. “After Britney has a fabulous comeback now, she could have another comeback later as the gay icon.”

•Pop star. The music industry is optimistic. “She is an underrated artist,” says Craig Marks, editor in chief at Blender magazine. In her corner: a history of being a hard worker, an instantly identifiable personality and a huge fan base. She also still has what Marks calls “the juice” to pull in pop’s cream of the crop in terms of songwriters and producers.

It’ll take just “one hit single and video — one that does not involve Kevin or being a mom — to salvage her music career,” Vanegas says.

•Celebrity for celebrity’s sake. Love her or hate her, Spears has an indescribable appeal that sells. “Britney gets a lot of crap,” says Gary Janetti, executive producer of Will & Grace, “but we’ve always been on her side. Something makes you want to protect her, since she got so famous so young.”

Says Vanegas: “I wish there was a way I could grab her and say, ‘Let me help you!’ ” Comments posted on his blog, he says, are nearly evenly split between those appalled at her behavior and those who champion her spirit.

Part of Spears’ allure is her “all-American success story,” Marks says. After years of record-breaking accomplishments, “she still seems out of place in moneyed society, so we become fascinated with images of her walking around barefoot.”

Says Larry Hackett, managing editor at People: “I get why readers find it so entertaining. Props to her! She keeps coming back for more, and she doesn’t hide. … You have to admire that chutzpah.”

•Sex kitten. It worked for several years, but at 24 and married with a child, it’s not a likely comeback scenario. “She has to move beyond the pop-tartlet phenom,” Min says. “Her fan base has grown up and moved on.”

•Sitcom actress.Will & Grace is Spears’ first foray into character acting, and the show’s creators say she did a surprisingly good job. “Will & Grace is a great move,” Vanegas says. “If she would just keep doing these kind of things … instead of just hanging out with Kevin and doing whatever (the basis for her reality TV flop Chaotic). That’s what will lead to a time when people don’t care anymore.”

The role is a “very good way to get her chops into comedy,” says Tim Brooks, co-author of The Complete Directory of Prime-Time Network and Cable TV Shows. Especially since the part is “very out of type. She’s not just playing herself as a celebrity.”

•Movie actress. Audiences didn’t embrace Spears’ role in the semi-autobiographical film Crossroads in 2002, and her meeting with executives for the role of Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard didn’t pan out. Bad releases aside, Spears’ stint on Will & Grace may be a “demo that she’s presenting to the public and entertainment industry,” say Larry Brody, author of Turning Points in Television. But she needs a “Big Britney Movie with everyone making sure — even if it takes 50 takes — it’s great.”

Britney’s US Sale Record:

Baby One More Time, 1999, 10.5 million
Oops! I Did It Again, 2000, 9.2 million
Britney, 2001, 4.3 million
In the Zone, 2003, 2.9 million
Greatest Hits: My Prerogative, 2004, 1.2 million
In the Mix: The Remixes, 2005, 74,000

Source: USA Today

Pics: Britney & Sean P At A Children's Dance Studio (March 29th) *LOADS MORE ADDED*

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Britney Spears is pictured arriving at a children’s dance studio in Malibu today with son Sean Preston. Britney, wearing a see through black top and a pair of denim jeans, entered via the back door for what was rumoured to have been a special appearance and performance to help raise funds for the school. Britney is seen departing in a green tshirt that says “Free To Be” and a pair of red trackpants after the performance. A local clothing store presented Britney with a selection of trendy t-shirts for Sean Preston before she left. Britney is also pictured pulling her shirt down over her stomach.

Thanks a lot to MarySheeps! Click the image to view all the pics.

Download: Song Accused Of "Do Somethin'" Plagiarism

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I managed to get hold of the song mentioned in the previous update. It’s by Lee Hyori and it’s called “Get Ya.”

There are 3 parts of the song I find similar:

1. The intro
2. “I’m gonna get ya” = “Why don’t ya do somethin’?”
3. The part from before the chorus in “My Prerogative”

Download to see for yourself here.

Please credit us if you use it!

Britney's Songwriters Accuse Composer Of Plagiarism

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SEOUL, South Korea Mar 29, 2006 (AP)— Britney Spears’ songwriters have accused a South Korean pop composer of plagiarism and are seeking damages, a music publisher said Wednesday.

Universal Music Publishing Korea, the company that handles South Korean copyrights for Spears’ music, said her songwriters had complained that “Get ya,” performed by Lee Hyo-lee, sounded similar to a song they wrote for the 24-year-old pop singer titled, “Do Something.”

“Get ya” was the lead song on Lee’s second album, which was released last month. Spears released “Do Something” in February 2005.

Kevin Cho, general manager of Universal Music Publishing Korea, said Spears’ songwriters claim the Korean track had been “partially plagiarized” and the company sent their complaint to Lee’s composer, Kim Do-hyun.

Cho said they were seeking a settlement of undisclosed terms, but hadn’t yet received a response from Kim’s side.

Kim has said he was influenced by the Spears’ song, but denied copying directly from it. He wasn’t immediately available for comment Wednesday.

Lee, whose sexy style has earned her prominent appearances in advertising campaigns, is staging a comeback this year with a return to live performances.

Source: The Associated Press

Britney's Former Bodyguards To Sue

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LOS ANGELES, March 29 (UPI) — Three former bodyguards for pop star Britney Spears have filed suit in Los Angeles Superior Court claiming they worked long hours without overtime pay.

Lonnie Jones, Randy Jones and Silas Dukes filed the suit Tuesday against Britney Brands Inc. and Britney Touring Inc., claiming they worked 12 to 16 hour days, were often on round-the-clock call and were only paid straight salary, reported Wednesday.

The three also claim they were let go in November and never received their final paychecks. They are seeking compensation for unpaid wages and benefits as well as penalties, the Web site said.

Source: UPI

Britney's Birth Sculpture

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I haven’t posted this until now because I thought it was ridiculous before. Now Britney’s been invited to the opening I thought I’d better post it!

A controversial new sculpture of Britney Spears on all fours pointing her rear end in the air is set to shock her teenage fans.

With her heavily swollen breasts hanging down below her, Britney is provocatively clutching the ears of a dead bear’s head.

Artist Daniel Edwards claims the 24 year-old star will be flattered by his vision of her at the moment she gave birth.

But whether Britney will feel the same remains to be seen. She has been invited to next month’s opening of the work in New York but has not yet returned her RSVP.

“I don’t think she would be angry at the nudity of the work – she has herself appeared in public nearly naked through her pop career and this work is in step with the public image she has created for herself,” says Daniel Edwards.

“It was an inspired decision to choose Britney for my work. “She is a beautiful woman and was in the middle of a beautiful pregnancy.

“The image from behind of the kneeling pose is very strong so I felt the front of the sculpture needed an equally powerful image which is where the bearskin comes in.

“Not only is it a traditional symbol – the newborn baby on the bear-rug, but the dead skin represents the end of the circle of life.

“The sculpture is an idealized version of Britney. She is very versatile and these are all the different forms of her face.

“I started the work a couple of weeks after Britney gave birth to Sean and finished within two months.”

Source: GCN

Britney Hired Midgets For Kevin's Birthday Festivities

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Britney Spears reportedly hired female midgets to entertain her husband on his birthday.

The pop babe asked two little people to carry a cake to hubby Kevin Federline during his 28th birthday party at exclusive Las Vegas nightspot, Tao.

The following night the pair visited the same club, and Britney arranged for a Cher look-a-like to perform a duet of ‘I Got You Babe’ with a midget Sonny Bono impersonator.

A source is quoted on website as saying: “It was a special birthday indeed.

“Everyone found Britney’s surprise really hilarious. Kevin and Britney and their friends were in fits.”

As the pair partied, Britney was spotted sipping an alcoholic cocktail – casting doubt on speculation she is pregnant.

The sexy star – who has a five-month-old son, Sean Preston, with Federline – has been at the centre of pregnancy rumours since she was photographed sporting an apparent baby bump during a recent holiday in Hawaii.

Source: Life Style Extra

Danilo Announces Official Calendar in 2007 For Britney

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Danilo, the producer of Britney’s official UK calendars, has announced that they will be printing an official 2007 Britney calendar! It has been added to their tentative release schedule for 2007.

No other information, or artwork (which will probably be new photoshoots done later this year, seen as she has the album coming out too) has been revealed yet.

Thanks a lot to Steve for the info!