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Rumour: Lynne Refuses To Give Britney Any More Marital Advice

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Britney Spears learnt a thing or two about emotional independence recently when her mother refused to come to her aid.

According to In Touch magazine, after a bust up with hubby Kevin Federline while vacationing in Maui, Hawaii; Spears called her mom and asked her to fly out.

However, Spears was left in “state of shock,” when her mum refused to drop everything for her eldest daughter.

A friend of the family’s told the magazine: “Britney turns to her mom in tears after every meltdown with Kevin,”

But according to the source, Britters never takes her advice leaving Spears senior frustrated.

Reports that Britney may be pregnant again have also left Mrs Spears concerned, the friend added: “Lynne loves being a grandmother, but she thinks Britney shouldn’t rush to have another child so soon.”

No she shouldn’t…not that she will listen to her mother or anyhting!

Source: EntertainmentWise

More Info About Britney's Birthday Bash For Kevin

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Britney Spears threw husband Kevin Federline a birthday party on Tuesday in his favorite city: Las Vegas, PEOPLE reports.

The singer and Federline, who turned 28 on March 21, arrived just after 8:30 p.m. at the restaurant Tao Las Vegas at the Venetian, where they slipped in through the back door and joined their 10 guests in a private dining room.

Spears (in a black halter dress with a low-cut back) drank a Cosmo, while K-Fed (in a wife-beater and a New York Yankees cap) went for a Jack and Coke, shots and beer. The group dined on sushi, chicken satay, lobster tempura and grilled Kobe beef, followed by cake served by two little people in tight dresses.

“Kevin was wearing his ring even though Brit wasn’t,” says a witness. “They were being affectionate with each other. She sat on his lap for awhile. He fed her a bite of an appetizer. ”

By 10:30, Federline had finished opening his presents and the party headed to Pure Nightclub at Caesars Palace, where Spears snuggled with the birthday boy on the club’s VIP bed when she wasn’t dancing barefoot to tunes spun by DJ Hollywood (she requested Prince).

“They didn’t leave each other’s side all night,” a clubgoer tells PEOPLE. “They danced together – Britney was doing all her famous dance moves. Toward the end of the night, they were all over each other – kissing and hugging, having a great time.” The couple finally called it a night at around 2 a.m.

Source: People Magazine

Video: Britney & Kevin In Las Vegas (March 21st)

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Britney Spears and hubby Kevin Federline celebrated K-Fed’s birthday Tuesday night at Tao Restaurant in Las Vegas. TMZ obtained this video, showing the craziness surrounding the latest Britney sighting.

There were eight — count them, eight — security guards at the ready as the couple went out on the town.

For the record, Federline is now 28.

You can watch it here.

Hopefully we’ll get some pics soon, Britney appears to be holding her stomach in the video.

Info On Britney's "Will & Grace" Episode From TV Guide

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Apparently, Britney isn’t Toxic for Will & Grace. The NBC comedy adds the pop-star mom to its long list of famous guest stars. Spears, favorite of both teen girls and gay men, will appear on the March 30 episode as a “raging right-wing, Bush-spouting Republican,” according to producer Tracy Poust. (Spears isn’t the only celebrity cameo on the episode: The recently outed George Takei, aka Star Trek’s Sulu, plays himself.)

As Amber-Louise, Spears forcibly becomes the cohost of Jack’s (Sean Hayes) local gay cable show, Jack Talk, after it’s taken over by a corporate conglomerate. Although Amber-Louise works to promote family values, producer Jon Kinnally reveals she “has a little secret of her own.” Fans will have to tune in to find out more, but Kinnally promises Spears’ performance killed. “She came to table read and nailed every joke,” Poust says. “Her Mickey Mouse Club training really paid off. She held for laughs. I don’t think Meryl Streep would have done that.” Better than an Oscar-winning actress? That’s high praise for Spears, who showed up for rehearsal in her daisy dukes. Although, she was properly attired by the time hubby Kevin Federline and baby Sean Preston turned out for the taping.

Source: TV Guide
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Don’t forget to tune in on March 30th if you live in the US!

Us Weekly Claims Britney Moved Out Of Her House For 3 Days

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Britney Spears loves People magazine, but she HATES Us Weekly. And, after this week, she may even have K-Fad beat each and everyone there, as he has threatened to do.

In addition to claiming that Spears recently moved out and left Kevin – only to take him back, as she’s done so many times – Us Weekly also reports that during their recent dinner outing to Koi last Friday night, Britney was seen drinking red wine.

Guess she had that little problem taken care of! And by ‘that’ we mean her “c-section scar infection,” of course.

Wonder what Star magazine says this week about Britney’s pregnancy??

We were sure she was spermintaed as well!

Britney and Kevin are reportedly in Las Vegas at the moment, where Spears was set to throw Kevin a party for his 28th birthday on Tuesday night.

“They have their own way of doing things,” Federline’s ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson tells Us about Brit & Kev’s stormy relationship.

Shar must be on the payroll at Us!

On the night of March 16th, Britney – away from Kevin and staying at a Beverly Hills hotel – unwound with champagne in the courtyard, reports Us, who spotted the singer with some gal pals.

“They got into a big fight and went three days without even talking,” a source tells Us about their time in Maui.

The fallout: Federline holed up with buddies at the Renaissance Wailea Beach Resort for three nights, says a source, while Spears stayed with Sean at the Four Seasons Resort Maui at Wailea.

It’s not just Britney that is upset with K-Fed, though. “Her family is frustrated with Kevin,” says the source, adding that her private security, which is managed by her dad, Jamie, has been told not to cover Kevin.

A major source of frustration between Brit and Federline is definitely the idea of having another child.

“She is not pregnant,” says a Spears source. Seconds another, “If she is, she’s not even telling her own parents.”

“Kevin is emotionally not ready [for another child],” says a source. “He told Britney he doesn’t want to pop out more kids now.” Spears, however, doesn’t want to wait. “She’s absolutely child-obsessed,” says a Spears source.

Source: Perez Hilton

Donald Trump Comments On Britney & Kevin

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Real estate developer/amateur advice columnist Donald Trump sets his low-class drama detector on “high” and follows the beep-beep-beeping directly to Britney Spears, rumored to be gestating a belly-bucking opponent for Sean Preston:

“What has happened to Britney?” Trump asks via MSN’s the Scoop. “She’s put her very successful career on hold to get married and have a baby. Lots of women do that, but there’s something that just doesn’t look right here.

“The husband (Kevin Federline)? I don’t know. I’ve just never been a big fan. I hope he’s OK. He certainly seems to be spending lots of her money.”

Source: AZ Central

Official: New Britney Song Being Played On The Fantasy Tour

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“As something completely unique we can tell that we will play a brand new Britney song from Britney’s upcoming album and it will not be launched in the USA until November 2006. Be one of the first in the world to hear the track.”

Thanks to Malou for translating!

The site also says that the tour is being filmed for a documentary!