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Christina Aguilera Comments On Britney In More Magazine

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With all these skinny celebs everywhere at the moment, do you ever feel like you’ve got to lose weight?

I can’t win, whether I’m thin or not. Whenever a star gains weight, the papers make such a big deal out of it. It’s really sad.

Like Britney? She’s changed quite a bit since she got married. What do you make of that?

What she does is nobody’s business but her own. But we are two very different people. We were only compared in the past because we’re the same age and did the same kind of stuff.

Source: More Magazine UK

Kevin Casts Doubt On Britney's Pregnancy

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(April 28 1:50PM ET) — Kevin Federline avoided answering questions about Britney Spears’ alleged pregnancy on LA’s Power 106 radio this morning.

When pressed further if the rumors were true, all K-Fed would say was he “wouldn’t bet” on it.

The budding rapper did say he spends his days recording music in his home studio and confirmed that Britney was working on a new album as well.

Stay tuned for any further developments in Britney’s future.


This is all getting so confusing now! You can listen to the interview at the link above.

The Full Kevin Interview From "Extra" (He Mentions Britney & Sean)

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Britney Spears’ husband, Kevin Federline, celebrated his first album in a big way at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. And only “Extra’s” Carlos Diaz was there to trail the blazing fire!

“Vegas is my home away from home,” K-Fed revealed. So what better place for our exclusive sit-down interview with the man behind the screaming headlines? From the rumors of a rocky marriage to the latest rumor that Britney’s pregnant with baby number two, Federline set the record straight.

“It’s part of it,” Kevin said of the constant media attention. “I mean, it’s fun and not fun at the same time. It’s that 50-50 line.”

While K-Fed dodged the pregnancy rumors, Mr. Britney Spears did have his say on everything else as he celebrated his debut album “Playing with Fire” with a listening party at Las Vegas hot spot Pure.

Kevin revealed his album will, “Take you through a couple stories of my life earlier on before me and Britney got together.”

As for the buzz, positive and negative, surrounding his new album, Kevin said, “It’s my turn to talk back. I feel like they’ve lashed out at me so many times. Now it’s my turn.”

To get his music career going, Kevin has had plenty of help from his family, including baby-turned-critic Sean Preston. “He’s all smiles whenever he hears it,” Federline revealed. “You can tell the musically inclined thing is already there with him.”

The second person who has his back? Wife Britney, who Kevin told us takes all of the constant criticism in stride. “She keeps me calm,” Kevin revealed. “When I get wild up over stuff, she’s like, ‘Sit back, think about it, make sure it’s the right decision that you’re going to make.'”

Kevin revealed that without Britney, none of this would matter: “My wife loves what I do. She is so for everything that I’m doing right now. That’s the biggest thing for me, too, because if she wasn’t supportive of it, I’d probably give it up.”

Federline’s new album, “Playing with Fire,” drops in August.


You can also watch the video at the site.

T-Pain Talks About Britney's New Album

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Now record companies are lining up to secure T-Pain’s services as a producer and songwriter to get the unique T-Pain treatment for their artists. When not busy promoting his own CD, he’s found time in recent months to contribute songs to albums by Britney Spears, Nick Lachey, Trick Daddy, Trillville, Charlie Wilson and E-40. Only one — “U and Dat” on E-40’s hit CD “My Ghetto Report Card” — has been released so far.

Working with Spears might have provided some interesting stories — if he’d had the opportunity to meet her.

“I just had to lay something down for her and send it to her and she approved it,” T-Pain, 21, says by telephone from Columbus, Ga., during a tour with teenage R&B heartthrob Chris Brown.

Source: SF

Britney & Jive Records Have Parted Company?

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We have learned that Britney Spears is parting with her record label and has recently been taking meetings, trying to get a new deal. No word on whether she is leaving on her own accord or she was dropped.

Source: Perez

She 100% won’t have been dropped, if this is true then it’s her decision, not Jive’s.

Kevin Continues To Ignore Pregnancy Questions

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Here is a caption from some Kevin pictures from April 27th:

Kevin Federline is seen arriving at a office block in downtown Beverly Hills after a long drive from his Malibu residence in his Ferrari. Kevin denied the fact that his popstar wife Britney is pregnant with their second child. When asked about the pregnancy Kevin said “I dont know what you are talking about”. Also Britney Spears security is seen picking up some flowers for the pregnant popstar at a local supermarket.

Kevin Dodged The Pregnancy Questions On "Extra"

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The information from the Extra website that we posted earlier today was totally untrue/misleading! They said that Kevin was going to reveal everything about the pregnancy.

It turns out that he dodged all the questions about Britney being pregnant, and decided to just say that Britney supports his music career.

If he refused to comment, does this mean she is?

Thanks to Kent for the info!