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Vote For Britney

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You can vote for Britney in a new poll on (her favourite magazine)! The poll question is “Who’s the all time most beautiful woman?”

Britney is currently second to last in the poll, so let’s get her at the top where she belongs!

You can vote for Britney here.

Rumour: Britney's Ex Bodyuards To Reveal All

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Britney Spears is bracing herself for the latest scandal set to reveal her families flaws.

According to the National Enquirer, Spears’ former bodyguards are gearing up to tell all about the former pop princess.

An insider has claimed that the guards will be revealing details about her drug use, sex life and her turbulent relationship with hubby Kevin Federline.

Britney is reportedly still reeling from the news that her baby Sean Preston may be permanently affected by his tumble from his high chair.

Doctors have allegedly warned that Sean Preston could suffer from brain seizures of memory loss later in life…I’m guessing the nanny watching him at the time had had the boot by now.

Source: Entertainmentwise

Rumour: Shar Jackson Bans Kids From Going To Britney's House

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Britney Spears recent highly publicized troubles with her son Sean Preston Federline has reportedly caused Brit’s husband Kevin Federline’s ex-gal and mother of two of his kids to take pause and consider the safety of her children while they are around the famous couple, a published report claims.

In Touch Weekly details that Shar has banned her kids from Britney Spears house.

The magazine reports in this week’s edition that the relationship between Britney and Shar Jackson, Kevin’s ex-girlfriend and mother of their two kids, Kaleb and Kori, has gone from bad to worse after Preston’s fall.

“Shar told Kevin that Britney can’t be alone with their kids,” an insider says. Shar said that if Kevin wants to see their kids, he and Britney must do it at a hotel.

“She doesn’t know what goes on at their house and there are too many strangers hanging around,” the pal adds.

One online poll asks: “Would You Let Your Kid Play at Britney’s?” The results on Thursday Yes 27% No 73%.

With this report – it’s easy to see how Shar would vote and that she would be in the majority.

Source: National Ledger

Britney To Attend Kevin's Album Preview In Las Vegas Tomorrow Night

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(April 20, 2:10PM ET) — It promises be the musical event of the year, in a way. Kevin Federline is hosting a listening party this Friday at posh Las Vegas nightclub Pure. Inevitably a large contingent of K-Fed’s scruffy hangers-on and his C-list music producers will be in attendance.

But in an interesting turn of supportive wifeliness, Britney Spears is planning to attend and has even gone so far as to put 11 of her own friends on the guest lists for the party, sources say.

So, Britney who reportedly scoffed at Kevin initial attempts at hip-hoppery, is now making what can only be interpreted as a public statement of support for her husband’s fledgling career.

Source: TMZ

So we might finally get some new pics! You can check out the club’s website with Kevin’s page here. The club advertises its “Live Burlesque” shows. Classy!

OK! Magazine Says Britney Is On A Strict Diet

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Pop princess or tabloid queen Britney Spears has been in hiding for a few weeks now and the question on everybody’s lips is “where is she?” Sources say with an album out middle of November Britney is determined to get her body back better than ever and in record time.

She’s on an extremely strict diet and is doing hours of workouts each day. The next time she steps out dont expect to recognise her says a source close to Spears. Britney is set to start magazine shoots and promotional work later next month, her new single will premiere September 2006.

Source: OK!
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Just to let everyone know, the last time Britney was seen out was April 3rd (3 weeks this Monday!)

Rumour: Britney To Sue High Chair Manufacturer

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Mama Britney is mad as hell (at the manufacturer of her son’s high chair) — and she’s not gonna take it.

You’ll certainly remember that a few weeks back little Sean P. fell when his nanny was lifting him out of his high chair. The nanny told Britney that “something snapped,” sending the 7-month-old boy crashing to floor, injuring his head.

Now, according to In Touch, Britney is looking into suing the maker of the chair. “The chair’s back broke,” a Brit source told the mag. “She’s going to see if there was a fault in the chair.”

Brit currently has a lawsuit pending against Us Weekly over a story about a sex tape she reportedly made with her husband Kevin Spenderline.

Meanwhile, OK! is reporting that Britney is pregnant again. I must admit that I’m skeptical, but the mag is pretty convincing. And unlike Star and National E, OK! isn’t known for blatantly making up stories.

After weeks of speculation, OK! can exclusively tell you that international pop superstar Britney Spears is pregnant, and we know the due date.”
The teen sensation-turned-housewife and her rapping, dancing husband, Kevin Federline, are now getting ready to welcome their second child into the world this fall, a close family friend tells OK!

“She’s due the later part of September,” the friend says. With son Sean Preston turning one on Sept. 14 and her wedding anniversary on Sept. 18, Britney will have plenty to celebrate that month.

If they made that up, she should sic her lawyers on them too.

Source: iVillage

Oh, yet more pregnancy rumours, they need to get over themselves.

New Kevin Interview: "I'm Not Leaving Britney"

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“But I found love.” So says Kevin Federline. And as he spits fire at the paparazzi and shouts out big ol’ butts, he’s about to launch a rap career.

Outfitted in full camouflage gear, Kevin Federline hunkers down in a pristine recording studio in his heavily secured Malibu home. His wife of a year and a half, Britney Spears, is upstairs caring for their eight-month-old son, Sean Preston Federline. Despite tabloid reports that his relentless Vegas partying has threatened to break up the couple’s relationship, the man known as “K-Fed” — a media tag he loathes — is in low-key domestic mode at the moment. Of the rumors that he’s stepping out on Britney: “False,” he says, taking a drag on a Newport. “Completely. Ass backwards. People, unless you go through it every day, really don’t know what all these celebrities go through.”

One of the images of you in the media is that of a pimp [Federline wore a tracksuit with the words pimp daddy on the back to his wedding celebration]. Well, I guess if I’m gonna be a rapper, that image can’t really hurt. [Laughs]

What’s your definition of a pimp? A real pimp is a dude who’s making money off bitches who sling that ass on the street. Nowadays, people will say they’re a pimp just because they’re suave. I’m not no pimp. I’m just Kevin. Happy husband. Happy father. I didn’t pimp Britney. I found love.

What do you think about your man Nick Lachey — because of his split with Jessica Simpson, he might be getting a multimillion-dollar alimony payment. Shiiit! That’s crazy. But they did their whole thing together. They came up together, y’knowwhatI’msayin’? They really blew up together on that [reality] show. They deserve whatever they get. That’s how I see it. My situation is different. I ain’t gettin’ no divorce. Fuck that! I don’t believe in that shit. Once you get married, you’re in it for the fight.

Source: Spin Magazine

You can read the whole interview here.