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Pics: Britney & Kevin In Dallas (March 31st)

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Britney Spears is all smiles as she walks back in to her hotel. Spears and her “bad boy” husband Kevin Federline, were in Dallas for Kevin’s live performance at a new nightclub called “Club X”. Kevin arrived first at the club with friends, followed by Britney’s arrival an hour later. She was wearing a fur coat and hat, and was flanked by lots of bodyguards. The flyer promoting the event advertised Kevin as a “notorious bad boy”.

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Britney's Publicist Continues To Deny Pregnancy Rumours

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Britney Spears has denied persistent reports she is expecting her second child with husband Kevin Federline.

The popstar’s spokesperson has denied reports Spears is pregnant after she was spotted drinking alcohol at Federline’s birthday celebrations in Las Vegas last week.

Her representative stated, “Britney’s not pregnant, and if she were, she wouldn’t drink.”

However, unconfirmed reports in America have claimed Federline had to take Spears to Santa Monica UCLA Medica Center this week, after the singer suffered stomach cramps.

The centre’s Barbra Johna is quoted as saying, “Unfortunately we cannot go into patient speficis due to patient confidentiality, however I can confirm we did receive a new patient to the maternity ward.

“I’d like to say that this female is in a fit and healthy state.”

Source: Entertainmentwise

People Magazine Article On Britney's Will & Grace Appearance

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Britney Spears made her much-publicized appearance on Will & Grace Thursday night, spouting dialogue that may surprise her fans.

In the storyline, Out TV, the network on which series regular Sean Hayes, as Jack McFarland, hosts his talk show Jack Talk, has been bought by a right-wing conglomerate and some changes are to be made, including Jack’s being given a cohost, “to widen the audience.”

Enter Britney, all smiles and blonde hair in a flaming red dress. “Hi,” she announces in an exaggerated Southern drawl, “I’m Amber Louise, from the great state of Alabama.”

Amber ambushes Jack Talk, unfurling the Stars ‘n’ Stripes in front of the Rainbow Flag on the show’s set. Once Jack balks that he will not compromise his principles, Amber corners and advises him.

“Jack, you’re making a huge mistake,” she says. “If you want to get to the top, you got to compromise, like me.”

When Jack asks what she’s compromised, Amber responds: “Okay, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret. I’m not who you think I am. My real name is Peg, and I’m a hardcore lesbian.”

Wait, there’s more. Amber rattles off all the things she’s into, including “leather play.” She adds, “Whatever you got, I’ll eat it, snort it or ride it, baby.”

As Jack gasps, Amber continues, “Look, go along with this, and it’ll work for you. Look at me: I clear $165 a week, I moved out of my storage unit and I’m on TV. I’m the freakin’ dream!”

But Jack doesn’t buy into the dream. At the fade-out, Amber occupies Jack’s desk as he clutches it to pull Amber toward the door – as Will (Eric McCormack) yanks Jack off the premises.

Ahead for the real-life Britney: next month, her third fragrance, In Control, goes on sale, while in November she is scheduled to release a new album.

Source: People Magazine