Britney Interview About Fragrances From Press Conference

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NEW YORK – Britney Spears went from Curious to Fantasy, and now she’s In Control.

Those are the names of the pop star’s fragrances with Elizabeth Arden. The company says more than 10 million bottles of the three scents have been sold since the launch of Curious in September 2004.

The names are not a coincidence. “As I get older, the names go with my age,” said Spears, 24.

“This perfume is for empowered girls who want to take over the world — forget about the men!” she said with a laugh just ahead of a press appearance Monday to celebrate her two-year collaboration with the beauty company.

In Control is her favorite, Spears said, and not just because it’s the newest one. “It’s more demanding, it’s more sensual, it’s black, it’s about being in control. That’s cool and inspirational … girls need that.”

Spears, dressed in an oversized eyelet dress in navy with chunky high-heel Christian Louboutin sandals, told the AP she’s involved in the entire development process of the perfumes, from the design of the bottle to the almost unlimited choice of fragrance notes.

In Control is supposed to be “both sweet and sexy,” with notes of loquat fruit, midnight orchid, creme brulee, black vanilla bean, sugared sandalwood and musk.

Spears, who is reportedly pregnant with her second child, said its scent conjures up happy memories of babies, probably because she was in the midst of testing it when her son, Sean, was born last September. She refused to answer any personal questions during the interview.

Do any smells turn her off?

“Everything right now. I’m always saying, ‘What is that smell?’ Cigarette smoke — I can’t deal with that. And that smell of a Dumpster on the street,” she said.

Source: Associated Press

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