First Name Rumours For Britney's Second Baby

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Before we get to who’s diddling around with whom (or pretending to), let’s check in with those diddlers par excellence Brit ‘n’ Kev. You may have caught wind round the electronic goss mill that the soon-to-be-‘rents of two are splitting. Yeah, me, too.

But now I’m hearing splitsville tawk from Brit’s southern-fried fam, in which it also seems to be common knowledge Ms. S. will be naming her second child, rumored to be a girl, Emma–after somebody’s gran’rents on either side. I believe it’s her dad’s.(Let’s hope so, as papa K.’s lineage may be less in the pic, eventually.)

Get this: Grandma E., so I’m told by Spears clan-ites, once got in trouble for writing a risqué poem in school. I hear Granny’s Mississippi teach found the writing to be “vulgar.”

Man, I’d say the gal who made “I’m a Slave 4 U” famous and filmed her “Toxic” video on an old porno-movie airplane set sure is choosing the right namesake!

Lynne (Britney’s mama, natch) will be the kiddo’s middle name, I am also informed by blood kin, who further revealed the Spears sweeties all just love to recycle monikers. Too cute!

Not very adorable, fer sure, is this fam factoid, served up by H-town-savvy relatives of Missus Federline: “Yes, a separation and divorce may be imminent, à la Denise and Charlie.” Meaning Richards and Sheen, perhaps, won’t be the only new parents in Hollywood changing bed partners along with diapers.

Source: E! Online

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