Britney's Grandfather Not Very Enthusiastic About Prospect Of Another Great-Grandchild

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Britney Spears’s grandfather, June Austin Spears, 75, doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about having a new great-granddaughter on the way reports Star Magazine. In an exclusive interview, he tells Star: “I’ve already been a great-grandfather twice so it’s nothing new. When the baby gets here, we’ll be excited.”

June, joins Britney Spears’s mom, and her fans.

Acccording to Us Weekly and the National Enquirer Spears was very hesitant to break the news to her mother, Lynne that she had another grandchild on the way.

A source told Us Weekly that “Britney was afraid to disappoint her mother, Lynne, the most [about the pregnancy], and was reluctant to tell her family. Her family doesn’t like or trust [Kevin].”

“[Lynne] just sat there crying while Britney talked about how happy she was. But Britney felt so bad seeing her mother in tears she started to cry as well.”

Maybe the news that Britney’s pregnant with a girl just comes too soon after the birth of Sean Preston, who is just 8 months old.

Source: The Bosh

I’m not sure how reliable this “exclusive interview is” .. why would he do an interview with Star magazine anyway?!

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