Britney's Ice Cream Treat For Sean Preston Slammed

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Britney Spears has been criticised by a leading dietician for feeding her baby son ice-cream.

The pregnant pop star recently revealed she uses the sweet treat to help the eight-month-old get to sleep.

She said: “He loves ice cream – it makes him sleep better.”

But British diet expert Sarah Gosnay claims too much of the sugary snack can be bad for babies and is more likely to keep Sean Preston awake than send him to sleep.

She says: “Up until the age of five, children need some high calorie foods in their diet to help them grow but they also need balanced meals and to be set healthy patterns for the rest of their lives. What you eat as a child affects what you eat as an adult.

“Ice cream is high in saturated fat, the cholesterol-producing type of fat, as well as sugar, and should really be a treat food for a child.

“I don’t like the sound of ‘it makes him sleep better’. That sounds like he’s having ice cream regularly in his diet, a habit that is going to be hard for Britney to change.

“Besides, if he is really having problems sleeping, giving him a high fat/sugar treat food before laying him down to sleep doesn’t sound that helpful to me!”

Source: Irish Examiner

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