"Everybody" Samples The Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again"

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Rememeber People magazine reported that Britney played a new “remix” of the Eurythmics 80’s hit “Here comes the rain again” back in March? And rememeber how JR Rotem said last week that the song he and Britney were working on, “Everybody,” featured a sample of a huge 80’s hit?

Well, “Everybody” samples “Here comes the rain again.” The lyrics are “bump and grind dancefloor nonsense” รก la “Do Somethin’.”

But Britney isn’t in for an easy ride if she wants to release the song. A famous pop singer from Thailand who is huge in the far east called Tata Young is recording the song too, and the song has already been shopped around to different record labels for their artists to record.

Thanks to Kill The DJ for info!

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