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Nelly Furtado Comments On Britney's Future Career As A Mother

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Fellow singer Nelly Furtado –mom of a 2-year-old daughter, Nevis– tells US, “She can totally have a career. Britney has all the resourses to make it work.” Even with a husband who’s not exactly Mr. Mom? “My daughter’s father is a talented musician, but we don’t live together and I make it work,” says Furtado, 27, whose new album Loose, is out June 20. “My advice to Britney is to keep following your heart.”


Larry Rudolph On Britney's Voice

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Remember those classic clips of Britney on Star Search? Now think about her voice on that show. She sang with a deep powerful voice that she used when she was a child and that is the voice she used when we met. But it wasn’t commercial. It took almost a year of development once she signed her deal with Jive Records to develop the commercial vocal style that the world now knows and loves so much.

Source: Larry’s MySpace Blog

"Everybody" Samples The Eurythmics "Here Comes The Rain Again"

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Rememeber People magazine reported that Britney played a new “remix” of the Eurythmics 80’s hit “Here comes the rain again” back in March? And rememeber how JR Rotem said last week that the song he and Britney were working on, “Everybody,” featured a sample of a huge 80’s hit?

Well, “Everybody” samples “Here comes the rain again.” The lyrics are “bump and grind dancefloor nonsense” á la “Do Somethin’.”

But Britney isn’t in for an easy ride if she wants to release the song. A famous pop singer from Thailand who is huge in the far east called Tata Young is recording the song too, and the song has already been shopped around to different record labels for their artists to record.

Thanks to Kill The DJ for info!

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Britney Has Left New York…

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Did the paparazzi endanger BRITNEY SPEARS’ baby? Dramatic new pictures have emerged of the latest run-in with overzealous photographers that left the pregnant pop star in tears.

It was on Thursday that Britney was walking out of the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan holding her 8-month-old son SEAN PRESTON. In her attempt to navigate through the intrusive crowd and get to her car — all the while shielding her baby from the flashing bulbs — Britney accidentally lost her balance, almost losing her grip on the infant.

Britney’s bodyguard helped her recover from her stumble and afterwards she went to FAO Schwarz Cafe to calm down, visibly shaken by the incident.

Today ET has learned that she was so distraught by the persistent shutterbugs that she has left New York.

For more on the story, watch tonight’s ET.

Source: Entertainment Tonight

Whether she left because of the accident or whether she was planning to leave now anyway is still unknown…

Exclusive Pics: Britney Crying After The Incident Yesterday (May 18th) *MORE*

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Here are 60 more exclusive HQ pics of Britney and Sean Preston’s incident yesterday, including a few of Britney crying after. It’s strange though because after it happened, one minute she’s laughing, then the next minute she’s sitting down crying!

Anyway, thanks to Stephanie for the pics. Click the image to view them all.

Update: Thanks to Steve from UKBritney.TV for the extra HQ’s and for the HQ video caps of it happening.

NOTE: The gallery is back up (for now, lol)

Britney May Be On TRL This Monday

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On TRL yesterday, they said that Britney might be on the show on Monday and that they are in the process of negotiating it!

This would be great if she decides to do it (if she’s still in NYC) because it will give her a chance to talk about the new album and what’s happening with it.