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Exclusive Pics: Britney & Sean Preston At Tao Restaurant In NYC (May 17th)

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May 17, 2006: Britney Spears going to the TAO restaurant this evening in New York City.

Thanks a lot to Stephanie and to Steve from UKBrritney.TV for sending me them! Click the image to view all the HQ pics.

I also added 12 more HQ’s of Britney and Sean Preston arriving at the Letterman show last week thanks to Stephanie. You can view them here.

Steve also sent me some HQ’s of Britney & Sean Preston at the lucky club yesterday here.

Britney's Grandfather Not Very Enthusiastic About Prospect Of Another Great-Grandchild

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Britney Spears’s grandfather, June Austin Spears, 75, doesn’t seem very enthusiastic about having a new great-granddaughter on the way reports Star Magazine. In an exclusive interview, he tells Star: “I’ve already been a great-grandfather twice so it’s nothing new. When the baby gets here, we’ll be excited.”

June, joins Britney Spears’s mom, and her fans.

Acccording to Us Weekly and the National Enquirer Spears was very hesitant to break the news to her mother, Lynne that she had another grandchild on the way.

A source told Us Weekly that “Britney was afraid to disappoint her mother, Lynne, the most [about the pregnancy], and was reluctant to tell her family. Her family doesn’t like or trust [Kevin].”

“[Lynne] just sat there crying while Britney talked about how happy she was. But Britney felt so bad seeing her mother in tears she started to cry as well.”

Maybe the news that Britney’s pregnant with a girl just comes too soon after the birth of Sean Preston, who is just 8 months old.

Source: The Bosh

I’m not sure how reliable this “exclusive interview is” .. why would he do an interview with Star magazine anyway?!

Britney's Ice Cream Treat For Sean Preston Slammed

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Britney Spears has been criticised by a leading dietician for feeding her baby son ice-cream.

The pregnant pop star recently revealed she uses the sweet treat to help the eight-month-old get to sleep.

She said: “He loves ice cream – it makes him sleep better.”

But British diet expert Sarah Gosnay claims too much of the sugary snack can be bad for babies and is more likely to keep Sean Preston awake than send him to sleep.

She says: “Up until the age of five, children need some high calorie foods in their diet to help them grow but they also need balanced meals and to be set healthy patterns for the rest of their lives. What you eat as a child affects what you eat as an adult.

“Ice cream is high in saturated fat, the cholesterol-producing type of fat, as well as sugar, and should really be a treat food for a child.

“I don’t like the sound of ‘it makes him sleep better’. That sounds like he’s having ice cream regularly in his diet, a habit that is going to be hard for Britney to change.

“Besides, if he is really having problems sleeping, giving him a high fat/sugar treat food before laying him down to sleep doesn’t sound that helpful to me!”

Source: Irish Examiner

Britney's Paparazzi Song Called "Who Can She Trust?"

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The moment that R&B newcomer Rihanna shot to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart earlier this month with her bootylicious new single, “SOS,” producer Jonathan “JR” Rotem’s phone started to ring off the hook.

Already a platinum hit-maker in his own right, Rotem forged his reputation crafting bass-heavy beats for a who’s who of hip-hop’s elite — 50 Cent, D12, Snoop Dogg and Mobb Deep among them. But after producing “SOS,” interest in the South African-born, Bay Area-raised producer has been coming from a wholly different quadrant of the celebrity universe.

Suddenly, Us Weekly’s favorite bubble-gum divas, Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson, are booking studio time with him.

“It’s weird how it goes from hard-core rap to as-pop-as-you-can-get like that,” Rotem said. “I always wanted to do all kinds of music. You can’t control the cycle.”

But you can almost predict it. Pop music’s producers du jour are the newest intimates of Hot Young Hollywood (insofar as Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, Hilary Duff and Ashlee and Jessica Simpson can be said to personify psychic-geographic terrain).

In an effort to make their voices as culturally relevant as their marquee value, the ingenues rely on a small pool of behind-the-scenes writer-producers such as John Shanks, Kara DioGuardi, Lukasz “Dr. Luke” Gottwald and Rotem who boast platinum-plus track records and industry bona fides.

Moreover, Hilton and Simpson join Britney Spears to round out the holy trinity of tabloid mainstays with whom Rotem is currently at work. Spears quietly enlisted the producer for her comeback album after hearing “SOS” (“She told me flat out, ‘I love that song,’ ” he said.) And since first meeting in Las Vegas in March, they have cut four rough tracks together at her Malibu home studio.

“I am flattered that artists such as Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears and Paris Hilton are inspired by the success of ‘SOS,’ ” Rihanna said. “I am certain [they] will have much success by working with him.”

Rotem worked with Spears as recently as last week and said her newly announced second pregnancy hasn’t affected the pop tart’s creative output so far.

“She’s focused and that part of it doesn’t get in the way of what she’s doing,” he said. “And even though she’s so young, you could feel that you’re in the presence of a veteran of performing who can get in her zone and knows what she wants to say.”

A classically trained jazz pianist who originally aspired to score film soundtracks, Rotem recently previewed several of Spears’ new songs for a reporter.

On the club banger “Everybody” — that borrows liberally from an ’80s mega hit in much the same way “SOS” is structured around a recognizable chunk of Soft Cell’s “Tainted Love” — Spears croons about carnal desire and dance floor bump ‘n’ grind in a breathy lower register. But she shifts gears for “Who Can She Trust,” an introspective composition the producer says Spears wrote herself. Over a “snap music” hip-hop beat accompanied by the sound of a camera shutter clicking she sings, “Where am I?/ Where will I find my face?/ Where will I find my faith?”

Source: Calendar Live
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