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Britney's People Deny Car Seat Error

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Britney Spears did not break state law by allegedly driving with her baby in a forward-facing car seat, her record company says.

Sony BMG was responding to reports of a photograph of Spears driving in Malibu, California, with Sean Preston, one, in the back facing forward not back.

Spears, who is now pregnant with her second child, was in “total compliance” with Californian law, Sony BMG said.

In February, she was photographed driving with her son on her lap.

The 24-year-old later said she was frightened by paparazzi chasing her but admitted she had made a mistake on that occasion.

In a statement, Sony BMG said state law required that “all children under the age of six or weighing less than 60lbs be in safety seats in the back seat of the car”.

It added rear-facing car seats were compulsory neither in California nor many other parts of the US.

“In fact, there are only 10 [states] that require a child to be in a rear-facing car seat, and in two of those states it is not required if the infant is more than 20 lbs. Britney’s son Sean weighs over 20 lbs.”

Spears achieved global fame at the age of 17, with her number one single Hit Me Baby One More Time, going on to sell millions of albums.

But she has put her music career on hold to bring up her child, releasing her last album – a greatest hits compilation – in 2004.

Spears married her husband Kevin Federline, 28, in September 2004. Sean Preston was born a year later.

Source: BBC News

First Name Rumours For Britney's Second Baby

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Before we get to who’s diddling around with whom (or pretending to), let’s check in with those diddlers par excellence Brit ‘n’ Kev. You may have caught wind round the electronic goss mill that the soon-to-be-‘rents of two are splitting. Yeah, me, too.

But now I’m hearing splitsville tawk from Brit’s southern-fried fam, in which it also seems to be common knowledge Ms. S. will be naming her second child, rumored to be a girl, Emma–after somebody’s gran’rents on either side. I believe it’s her dad’s.(Let’s hope so, as papa K.’s lineage may be less in the pic, eventually.)

Get this: Grandma E., so I’m told by Spears clan-ites, once got in trouble for writing a risqué poem in school. I hear Granny’s Mississippi teach found the writing to be “vulgar.”

Man, I’d say the gal who made “I’m a Slave 4 U” famous and filmed her “Toxic” video on an old porno-movie airplane set sure is choosing the right namesake!

Lynne (Britney’s mama, natch) will be the kiddo’s middle name, I am also informed by blood kin, who further revealed the Spears sweeties all just love to recycle monikers. Too cute!

Not very adorable, fer sure, is this fam factoid, served up by H-town-savvy relatives of Missus Federline: “Yes, a separation and divorce may be imminent, à la Denise and Charlie.” Meaning Richards and Sheen, perhaps, won’t be the only new parents in Hollywood changing bed partners along with diapers.

Source: E! Online

What an awfully written article…

Britney Working On Song About The Paparazzi

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Sounds like Britney Spears has had enough and is ready to fight back – at least through her upcoming album.

“She wrote a song with me that’s kind of introspective about how people and the paparazzi are constantly following her around,” reports the latest “It” megaproducer, J.R. Rotem, who’s been in the studio almost daily with Spears, who is expecting her second child.

Just as an innocent bystander, Rotem says the media frenzy that follows Spears “is annoying. Their life is crazy. I’m also working with K-Fed, her husband, quite a bit on some hip-hop stuff, and literally every time he comes over, he’s followed by, like, five to eight paparazzi trucks. They just camp out in front of my place while we work and try to take pictures of anything. They cannot go anywhere without being followed. It’s amazing and very aggravating.”

The classically trained pianist, who’s masterminded some 60 hit tunes in the last year alone for the likes of Mya, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli and Rihanna, whose single, “S.O.S. (Rescue Me)” just rocketed to No. 1 on the Billboard singles chart, says he and Spears are “working on about three or four different songs at the same time.” He adds, “She’s definitely touching on subjects that have to do with her everyday life, being married and having a baby and what her life is now ¡ª that will be reflected in the album, but it’s going to be a combination. Britney’s the queen of pop, and she’s not going to go off on some weird tangent. We’re also doing the club kind of stuff, that’s very pop, dance with hip-hop. It’s like next-level Britney. Her fans are not going to be disappointed.”

Source: China Daily

More News On Britney's Album From Jonathan J.R Rotem

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Britney Spears has a new arrival on the way — no, not that one. She’s been working on a new album, and from what one of her collaborators has to say about it, she’s so dedicated she’s practically working every day on it, despite the demands of motherhood.

“She’s been a mother and she’ll still be doing that, but she’s very much into her music,” said producer Jonathan “J.R.” Rotem (50 Cent, Destiny’s Child).

Still, it’s early on in the process, according to the singer’s rep — Spears said she was just writing music and “meeting with different people to work on the album” when she talked to the U.K. version of Glamour for its June cover story. But because she has a home studio, not only does she have the benefit of working “at home in my sweatpants,” she also can work whenever the mood strikes her — as can her husband, Kevin Federline, who’s also working with Rotem (“America’s Most Hated” was one of their creations; see “Thomas Dolby Won’t Turn Blind Eye To Kevin Federline Sample”).

“He played me some stuff that sounded a lot hotter than what most people would think,” Rotem said of K-Fed. “Right off the bat, you’re at a disadvantage being a white rapper. And being a white rapper who’s Britney Spears’ husband? You’re tackling credibility issues. He’s aware of that, but he’s really putting his heart and soul into the project. People were suspicious, but when they heard the song, they were like, ‘He sounds good on it. Let’s see where he takes us.’ “

But where will Britney take us? One of the singer’s other collaborators, Sean Garrett (Jamie Foxx, Keyshia Cole), said that on the three tracks they did together, they tried to do “some real crazy-ass stuff that the world is going to love.” Rotem translates that to mean her songs will really connect with people, and will make them say, “‘Hmmm, I haven’t heard Britney say things like that before” (see “Britney Spears Working On New Album To Boost ‘Boring’ Pop Scene”).

He said her writing so far reflects where she’s at in her life, and like her husband, she’s got a song about the attention she gets for just going out of the house. “She literally can’t go anywhere without her privacy being invaded,” Rotem said. “Everybody is trying to get information. So the record we wrote, it addresses the ‘who do you trust’ kind of thing.”

Rotem said she also has up-tempo club songs “like in the vein of [Rihanna’s] ‘S.O.S.’ ” as well as relationship songs “and everything in between.” She even raps a bit (“Not rap rap, but talk rap,” Rotem clarified).

“It’s definitely Britney, but the next level,” the producer said. “With songs like ‘Toxic,’ she was very innovative, and we’re trying to top it. Push it to the next thing.”

But won’t it also be pushed to the next year — what with her second pregnancy (see “Britney Pregnant Again”)? Spears’ rep stressed that nothing had been scheduled as far as a release date is concerned, so the singer can take her time. And Rotem said that for now, Spears plans to do “a bunch of work” and then take a break and resume.

“The album wouldn’t come out in a while anyhow, since it’s at the very beginning,” he explained. “When it comes time to promote the album, she’ll be in a different headspace where that’s going to be the main thing. But right now, she’s happy juggling music and motherhood.”

Source: MTV News

Sounds good.. I wonder if it will see the light of day before the end of this year, or if we’ll have to wait until next year…

People Magazine: Britney 5 Months Pregnant

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In the new issue of People Magazine, they are claiming that Britney is 5 months pregnant.

This was already published in other gossip magazines last month, but as you probably know, People magazine is a reliable source, and Britney’s favourite magazine.

If this is true it means that she will be due in September…

Kevin Wants Baby To Be A Girl

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Kevin Federline wants a daughter.

The wannabe rapper – who already has a girl and a boy with former partner Shar Jackson – is expecting a second child with wife Britney Spears.

A friend of the couple said: “Kevin would love another girl.”

Britney, 24, revealed that she is pregnant again live on US TV on Tuesday (09.05.06).

She told ‘The Tonight Show’ host David Letterman: “Don’t worry, Dave, it’s not yours.”

He replied: “Oh. Well, I think that’s good news for both of us.”

However Britney, who walked onstage unannounced after a commercial break, refused to give any details about a due date, or talk about her relationship with Kevin.

A show insider told America’s People magazine: “Her representative called and said Britney wanted to be on the show and this is what she’d announce. We were psyched.”

Britney already has one son, Sean Preston, with the 28-year-old – who left Jackson and their children for the singer.

Sean Preston was born last September – almost exactly a year after the ‘Toxic’ singer and wannabe-rapper tied the knot.

The impending birth means Britney will have to delay her pop comeback again.

Meanwhile, Kevin’s debut album, ‘Playing with Fire’, is due to be released in August.

Source: Female First