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Sean's Nanny Insists Fall Was An Accident

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The nanny BRITNEY SPEARS fired after her son SEAN PRESTON fell from his broken high chair has spoken publicly about the incident, insisting the tumble was an accident.

The baby minder agreed to speak to US celebrity magazine Life + Style on condition reporters didn’t name her.

She tells the publication Spears and her husband KEVIN FEDERLINE were out when their baby son fell to the floor and were furious when they returned to find Sean Preston in tears.

The unnamed nanny recalls, “It was a genuine accident. The chair gave way where the seat meets the frame, and Sean hit the floor. I was terrified. “They (Spears and Federline) were angry with me. I had to go over the story many times with them – and with child services. I was scared for my job.”

Los Angeles child services officials visited the couple’s Malibu, California, home after Spears and Federline took Sean Preston to hospital to make sure he was all right. They have since closed the case, accepting the tumble was an accident.

Source: Contact Music

I thought People Magazine(?) said that they DIDN’T fire her?! It just shows how conflicting all these tabloids are…

New Kevin Interview: Hints At Pregnancy

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Kevin did a new interview for a US radio station, in which he commented on Britney’s two pregnancies.

They asked him what she craved last time (pickles and ice cream!) and what she’s craving this time. He didn’t say she was craving anything, but he did say “I just get her iced water.” They then asked if she was pregnant, but he refused to answer.

So I guess this is the confirmation that it’s true…

No Press Conference Today

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As we reported, there won’t be a press conference today, here is the confirmation from Perez

It seems that lots of media outlets are reporting about a Britney Spears press conference that is supposedly planned for today, Thursday.

What’s the big news?

Well, there ain’t no news!

Britney’s publicist, Leslie Sloane-Zelnick, tells that no announcement is expected today and that any reports of a press conference are false.

Rumour: Britney Expecting Baby Girl

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Britney Spears reportedly always wanted a little baby girl. Now a report from In Touch Weekly claims that is exactly the case.

According to ITW Brit has learned that her second child will be the little girl she has wanted all along, the magazine reports it has learned exclusively.

The baby is reportedly due in early October.

ITW also is reporting that Spears’ first child, Sean Preston, can expect to meet his new little sister in early October, shortly after his first birthday, and already Britney is shopping for frilly, little-girl clothes.

A room in her Malibu mansion is currently being converted into a second nursery, an insider says, adding: “She is going with pink.”

Britney, 24, is said to be delighted with the news, revealed during a routine ultrasound exam.

Married since September 2004, this will be the second child for the couple and Kevin Federline’s fourth.

Source: National Ledger

Seen as the pregnancy hasn’t been officially confirmed yet, I’ll just post these rumours anyway but with caution.

Britney Cuts Sale Price Of NYC Appartment (Again)

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Britney Spears has stepped up plans to sell her downtown Manhattan penthouse, which has been on the market for nearly two years – since before her marriage to Kevin Federline and the birth of their son, Sean Preston.

The 4,000-sq.-ft., three bedroom, four and a half bathroom, four-floor apartment (which also has a media room, library and terrace), has a new asking price of $4.55 million, reduced from the previous $4.95 million, reports the New York Observer and confirmed by the pop princess’s real-estate broker.

Spears, 24, bought the apartment in 2002 for $3 million and then put it on the market in 2004 – for $6 million, says the paper. Last year the price came down to $4.95 million. The latest reduction is new.

“At this price, it’s an extremely attractive purchase for the spring – a time to enjoy the terrace,” says realtor Adam Modler.

Previous owners of Spears’s pad were Rolling Stone Keith Richards and hip-hop mogul Russell Simmons, while Cher was once also a neighbor.

As for what attracts music people to the building, it could be that its ground floor is taken up with a sort of retail landmark: Tower Records.

Source: People Magazine

If only I were rich !

Press Conference Uncertain

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Yesterday I said that the press conference rumour was fake, but now it seems it may be true. The show “Exclusiv” on German TV channel RTL said to watch their show tomorrow because they’ll be at Britney’s press conference in L.A.

MTV Germany has since reported on the press conference too. So we’ll just have to wait and see what tomorrow brings.

Thanks to The_Boi for the info!

Britney's Rep Changes Statement On Pregnancy

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“Heat” magazine UK have reported on Britney’s pregnancy, saying Britney is “four months gone” with her “due date expected to be 3rd October,” adding that the cocktails she has been seen drinking were all non-alcoholic. The source states that Britney was inspired by how far along Angelina Jolie was before announcing it to the press, and says that Britney’s publicist, Leslie Sloane Zelnick has changed the official statement to “No comment.”

Source: UKBritney.TV

So does this mean it’s true?

Press Conference

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All the news sites seem to have started reporting about the press conference that is supposedly taking place this Thursday.

As far as I know, this Karen person from SonyBMG who is quoted in all the articles doesn’t exist, so please don’t believe rumours like this until they’re official.