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Longer Rebellion Lyrics

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You’ll find it in rebellion
You’ll finally start breathing
They’re not believing what they’re seeing
‘Cause you’re rebellion

Be wary of others
The ones closest to you (oh)
The poison they feed you
And the voodoo that they do

But in rebellion
There’s a sparkle of truth
Don’t just stand there
Do what you got to do

You’ll find it in rebellion
You’ll finally start breathing
They’re not believing what they’re seeing
‘Cause you’re rebellion

You’ll find it so compelling
With everyone yelling
‘Cause your soul, you’re not selling
‘Cause you’re rebellion

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Full OK! Magazine Article/Interview

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There is no doubt that the last year of the blonde superstar’s life has been the most fulfilling and happiest, and as she grows up, she finds her priorities are changing.

Being a mother is the most sacred experience of her life, but sometimes having to do it in front of the world can be challenging. Britney’s new boo boo will be the younger sibling to her gorgeous nine month-old son, Sean Preston.

And so, during her family vacation in Florida, Britney decided to set the record straight about life as America’s most famous young mom. From Kevin’s reaction when he found out she was pregnant with their second child to her cravings and her advice to other expectant mothers, its all in OK! Magazine.

[b]You look so beautiful, happy, and relaxed right now. How are you feeling at the moment?[/b]

Sleepy! I just had a little nap.

[b]How are you feeling with this second pregnancy? [/b]

This is a lot better than the first one.

[b]How so?[/b]

I think because I’ve done and I know what to expect.

[b]Do you have morning sickness?[/b]

No. I did with the first one, but not this one.

[b]It sounds like the second time around is a bit easier?[/b]

It’s so much better! And I’m not as scared.

[b]What are you doing to keep fit?[/b]

I laugh a lot, sleep a lot, take at least three 30-minute walks each day and chase my son around. I get prenatal massages, and my arms are getting toned by picking up Sean Preston all the time. I will say for mothers out there who are pregnant, its important not to let themselves go. Sleep when you can. Get up and walk and have good people around and good friends. Stuff like that.

[b]Where were you when you found out that you were pregnant for the second time?[/b]

Oh, my gosh, where was I when I found out? I was at my house in Malibu. I don’t remember the day exactly. I remember being excited, though.

[b]You don’t even look like that you’re that far along. Are you feeling slimmer this time?[/b]

Yeah, I really stayed in my house a lot the last pregnancy because there were so many paparazzi outside. I didn’t do anything. For this one, I don’t know what happened but they’ve really started to leave me alone. I can get out and do stuff now.

[b]It’s very busy being a young mom, isn’t it?[/b]

Yes! When he goes to sleep, like he is now, I treasure those moments!

[b]Are you eating any special healthy foods for your pregnancy or having any cravings?[/b]

I crave ice! I can’t stop eating ice. I think I have elephant teeth or something! I love it, I love it, I love it!

[b]Did you have that craving last time too or is it new?[/b]

No, I did it for the last pregnancy too, but it’s really for this pregnancy. My temperature goes really hot and really cold so it keeps me cooled down.

[b]Do you know the sex of the baby yet?[/b]

We don’t know. I don’t care, as long as it’s healthy. That’s all that matters.

[b]Were you surprised how quickly you became pregnant after Sean Preston?[/b]

Yes, very surprised, but I was excited! I was a little scared at first because I was shocked because it was so soon. I was like, its okay-I love boo boos!

[b]Have you thought about how many kids you would like to have?[/b]

I could have three. If I did have three, I would wait a lot to have the next one.

[b]How did Kevin react when he found out you were pregnant again?[/b]

He was a little shocked (laughs).

[b]What did he say to you?[/b]

He was like, whatever you want to do, baby! He’s like, I’m excited for you! Let’s just go for it.

[b]So he was supportive?[/b]


[b]What about your mom and dad?[/b]

They were a little shocked, too. But they also love boo boos, so they’re excited.

[b]Have you thought of any names?[/b]

I’ve got a couple.

[b]Can you reveal what they are?[/b]

I don’t know yet. There are just so many cute names out there. I’m still looking.

[b]Motherhood is such a beautiful thing-how has it changed you?[/b]

I think your perspective on things is kind of different. You look at things from a broader spectrum, which I think is really healthy.

[b]What have you learned about yourself since having a baby?[/b]

That nothing is what it seems.

[b]Is there a place where you thought you’d be at this point in your life?[/b]

I learn something new every single day.

[b]We don’t see you that much on the red carpet now that you’re a mom. Your priorities must have changed enormously.[/b]

The main thing is I still have fun, but I have such a big responsibility now. I think just that in itself changes you. Having a child is such a big, life-changing experience. It’s going to affect you in a huge way, even the people I hang out with. Basically when you boil down it down, you don’t have time for any B.S.! [laughs] You know what you like and what you want and what’s good for your child. Every decision you make is based on what’s best for them.

[b]How do you balance your family life with work?[/b]

I’m still trying to figure that out-taking it day by day.

[b]What do you think the advantages are of being a younger mom?[/b]

My mom was a young mom, and I’ve looked up to her. I just feel that its so important to instill so many good beliefs in your children. I think I’m younger doing that-Ill have more energy in being able to bring up more positive kids than if I’m 40! But there are parents that are 40 that do a damn good job. I always wanted to be a young mom.

[b]Are you someone who needs me time and to be alone at times?[/b]

Yes, I think it’s healthy for everyone to have a little bit of alone time, whether it’s taking a bath, reading a book or going for a walk by yourself.

[b]For some people, being a mother in their 20s is hard. You’ve done all the parties when you were a teenager, but a lot of people in their 20s still want to party.[/b]

Because I have done that for so long, some people think where my head is still at-to go out. I love to have a time but you have to be bold with who you are and stand up for what you believe in. There are a lot people-even cousins and siblings-that think you’re in a different place. I’ve always been a people pleaser and having a son has made me really put my foot down. You may hurt some people along the way, but I just think its basically standing up for what you believe in.

[b]Are you saying that you’ve cut some people out of your life? [/b]

I’ve had to cut so many people out of my life. It’s kind of weird. Even the whole public persona of me, with the media, it’s like, you really just have to leave me alone right now. I think they are getting the picture. It’s a blessing and I’m very thankful for it. But that transition in my life was kind of hard. I think it’s a big part of growing up. As you get older, being an entertainer and wanting to please people-it’s harder to do.

[b]What have you learned from the last year?[/b]

To enjoy every moment.

[b]Most moms, especially with their first-born, have so many things they go through. You’re having to do it in front of everyone. It must be hard.[/b]

Yeah, I will have to say the pr
egnancy with Preston wasn’t a thing of ice cream! Wherever I was going, like just going to the park-things like that are sacred things.

[b]What is the hardest thing about being a mom in the media spotlight?[/b]

To sum it all up in a nutshell: Being a mom is one of the most sacred things there is. I didn’t want to respond to a lot of things [the magazines] were saying because it was trash. I had a trip to New York that was kind of scary. It was like I had a movie or album coming out. It was kind of ridiculous how many paparazzi were there when I actually went there to get away from them-usually New York is kind of cool as far as that stuff. I was scared. I only had one security guy there with me. Because of incidents like that, I feel like I should up a little bit. If I don’t feel safe with my baby, I don’t want to be like Michael Jackson and have a military with me wherever I go. I want my child to be as normal as possible. That’s probably the hardest thing: feeling judged and not being able to live and do things the normal way. For some reason, they have lightened up a lot since I have been speaking up about it, so maybe I should speak up more!

[b]Some of the stories that have been written about you have been so mean[/b]

They are kind of beneath people. You would think that the editors of the magazine have children and would go there. It’s really distasteful. You don’t want to respond to trash, but it’s America. You look at it and I think its absurd, but the public of America doesn’t know what really goes on and you feel weird because you have to defend yourself to these ignorant people.

[b]Would you ever move back to Louisiana, where you grew up, with your family?[/b]

I have no idea. I am very happy with where I am right now because it’s safe and nice.

[b]Do you want to go back to work after your second child?[/b]

Yes, I have a lot of plans for next year and the years to come.

[b]Do you feel older than your years?[/b]

Definitely, I am always young at heart, but doing this so long, you are going to have to be wiser.

[b]Have you played Sean your songs? Which does he like best?[/b]

Yes, My Prerogative.

[b]What would people be surprised to know about you?[/b]

I have obsessive-compulsive cleaning disorder!

[b]What do you think is the biggest misconception about you?[/b]

Everyone thinks they know you-that is the biggest thing. I’m not a big partier; I would much rather go out to dinner with my girlfriends, spend a night at home with my family or have my friends over for a barbecue.

[b]What is the funniest story you ever read about yourself?[/b]

There are too many to choose from, but the statue of me giving birth was pretty interesting.

[b]When, you look back, what are you most proud of?[/b]

My family.

[b]What are your hopes and dreams for you life from here on out?[/b]

I want the best life for my children and the utmost peace and happiness for me and my family.


People: "Britney & Kevin: A United Front"

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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are keeping up their newly reunited front.

Over Father’s Day weekend, the couple were in Miami, where they spent Saturday aboard a rented yacht and took in the NBA finals’ Game 5 between the Miami Heat and Dallas Mavericks on Sunday, PEOPLE reports in its new issue.

Even when a solo Federline hosted a bash at the South Beach hot spot Mansion on Friday night to promote his album, “he was on his best behavior,” a clubgoer tells PEOPLE. (He did manage to have a little fun, hitting the turntables and celebrating a pal’s birthday with cake and Cristal.)

The couple’s togetherness comes on the heels of Spears’s Dateline interview with Matt Lauer, during which she shot down rumors of marital trouble and called Federline an “amazing” husband.

“He cares so much, and his heart is awesome,” she said. “He has a really big heart, and I love that”

On June 11, the couple were photographed together for the first time in two months, when they went for a stroll in Malibu with their 9-month-old son Sean Preston. “Kevin would talk to Sean and then break out into song, making up the lyrics as he went along,” a witness told PEOPLE at the time. “It made Britney laugh.”

The couple are expecting their second child together in September.

Source: People Magazine