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Kevin: "Britney's Recording In New York"

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…And so the album confusion continues! Kevin was in New York today doing promo for Virgin Mobile, and he said that Britney is busy recording in New York City!

Kevin also showed the OK! magazine cover, which looks amazing.

You can check out the video here!

It makes you wonder.. is she working on some project to give us this November? I don’t mean a full album, but something else including new songs?

Telegraph: Britney Spears Is Not A Bad Mother

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The singer Britney Spears is being criticised again as a terrible mother. Her crime this time is to be caught sunbathing while pregnant. She didn’t have a cigarette in her hand, she wasn’t swigging beer or eating raw sushi; she was making sandcastles with her toddler, Sean Preston, on a beach. According to some newspapers, this was wildly irresponsible of the 24-year-old. Sunbathing while pregnant can risk overheating the baby.

Poor Britney. She is one of the few stars who tries to look after both her marriage and her baby. She drives her son to nursery (even if she doesn’t always remember the baby seat); she plays with him on the beach; she doesn’t starve herself while pregnant; and she looks as though she enjoys being a mother – or she would if she wasn’t constantly being excoriated instead of extolled as a role model for young mothers.


First OK! Magazine Interview Preview

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OK! talks to the glowing superstar as she prepares for baby number two
In her most glamorous pregnancy spread ever, our radiant cover girl Britney Spears opens up to OK! about her marriage and the impending birth of her second child. “This is a lot better than the first one,” she says of her current pregnancy. And she reveals that she’d like to have three “boo boos” in total. Britney also dismisses the notion that hubby Kevin Federline isn’t happy about their growing brood. At first, “he was a little shocked,” she admits, but shares that she and Kevin are now thoroughly excited about the welcome addition.

Source: OK!

Just to let you know, this is the US version of the magazine. It says it’s the current issue so it’s probably out sometime this week.

Tune in to E! news tonight to see the preview of the cover…

Fan Opinions On Britney's Longer Break

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I asked people to send in their comments about Britney having a break of up to 2 years, and here are just some of the ones I received:


In My Opinion, Britney seems to have had her share with Music & the Paparazzi, I believe she outlived that lifestyle and she now wants to settle down with her family. I support her with her decision, however, I feel Kevin needs to be more supportive with her if he loves her he should help with Sean P and stop trying to launch a Rap Career, No one wants him in Music business, Britney is the True star, And She should return to her fans, We Need her. And Britney is her true self when she is up on stage, if she didn’t love what she did, she wouldn’t have worked so hard to have such an amazing career. Also, During Britney’s interview she was discussing her new Children’s clothing line, Which I’m Sure will be a success, she says at the end that She loves money, That was rude to say in front of all her fans watching, We are here thinking she does Music , Perfume, etc, for her fans, like she says!


Fidan Mustafa


A one-year break is honestly the smartest thing she can do. She said she wants to do it all (music and traveling) and that is what it takes to sell records. This timeframe will allow her to work on her 5th album for quite a while. Without being rushed, more detail can be put into it. 1 year off will also give her time to not only lose her baby weight, but tone her body.

2 years is way too long. I seriously doubt she will take that long. Judging by how her face lit up when she talked about her career plans, I’d say she’s itching to get back on the stage.

Britney has climbed her way to the top of the music industry. I’m sure she’ll do what it takes to stay there.

Will it be hard? Yes

Is there a chance she could fail? Yes… But there’s a greater chance for success

Will she have to work her ass off? Yes



I’m fine with her decisions. It’s not like she’s going to take a longer break because she’s too lazy to work or anything. I think it’s a good thing that she decided to take a long break. She will get to spend time with her husband and babies. And she will have time to work on her album and make it awesome and get back into the perfect shape again. 2 years is good for all that. And when she gets back, she can kick off a big tour because her children are bigger 2 years from now. I can’t wait for that.



Sorry but 2 years is too long especially when in people she said late this year and she would have known she was pregnant then…. I do respect her decision to raise her family but I’m not going to wait around 2 years.



The longer she waits, the bigger the comeback.



I understand those “hardcore-fans” being upset or whatever but we all need to understand that she is a whole new person with new responsibilities in her life and more issues to deal with then just whether she’s going to be number 1 on the Hot billboard top 100 . Look at what happened now with only Sean Preston. Can you imagine what will happen with one more? She’s going to have her hands full and actually I’m glad she now can make her own decisions coz she is a full woman now.


New Message On Britney's Official MySpace

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Thanks for visiting Britney Spears’ Official MySpace page. Please note that this site is mantained by Britney’s representatives and record label. She does not read the messages sent to it. However, she does visit the page every so often, and the best way to send her a message is by leaving a comment! And remember what your mama taught you…if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all 😉

Update On Britney's Security Guard Lawsuit

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Hopefully things will work out better in the long run with the hunky ex-Navy officer who recently joined Britney Spears’ security detail.

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Monday that the lawsuit filed against three of Spears’ companies by a trio of her former employees who claim that they’re owed back pay and damages will go to arbitration in an effort to avoid a court trial, defense attorney William J. Briggs II confirmed to E! Online.

Actually, Judge James R. Dunn’s ruling is a boon to the defense, which would prefer that the matter be handled through confidential binding arbitration rather than “under the glare of the public lights,” Briggs said. He is representing all three of Spears’ companies named in the suit and was the one who filed the motion to take the matter to a private third party.

Emphasis on the “confidential,” which means that the intricate financial dealings of the targeted organizations–Britney Brands Inc., Britney Touring Inc. and Team Tours Inc.–will stay largely under wraps.

The judge rejected the plaintiffs’ argument that arbitration would deprive them of certain court protections, namely more money from the defense if it’s later determined that Spears’ companies violated labor laws.

The plaintiffs alleging that they never received either overtime compensation or their final paychecks after being fired November 30, 2005, are Silas Dukes, hired by Britney Brands in June 2004 as a “lead specialist” on Spears’ security team and later promoted to Britney Touring; Randy Jones, hired as a personal security guard in July 2004; and Lonnie DeShawn Jones, hired as a guard at Spears’ home in November 2004.

According to their lawsuit, Dukes was paid a weekly salary of $3,350, Randy Jones got $3,000 per week and Lonnie Jones $2,400. Lonnie Jones regularly worked 12-hour shifts, while Randy Jones and Dukes worked 12 to 16-hour shifts and were expected to be on call 24 hours a day when accompanying Spears on the road, they said.

Exact dates have not been scheduled yet, but Briggs said that two of the arbitration hearings will take place later this year in New York and another will be held in Los Angeles.

This suit adds to an increasingly crowded court docket of cases involving Spears and the people who go places with her. A paparazzo who claims he suffered serious injuries in 2004 when Spears’ mom, Lynne, allegedly knocked him down with her SUV sued the mother-daughter duo for damages a couple of weeks ago. Only the Maltese puppy also riding in the car at the time knows for sure.

Source: E! Online

Britney Wearing Her Brown Wig Again

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Multiple sources confirm to that Britney Spears – clad in a brown wig – attended the Miami Heat vs. Dallas Mavericks NBA finals game in Miami at the American Airlines Arena on Sunday.

Despite her attempt at going in disguise, it’s kinda nearly impossible to not notice Britney Spears…especially when she’s pregnant!!