Britney Spears Beauty To Sponsor New ITV Shows

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Britney’s beauty line, Britney Spears Beauty, will be sponsoring ITV2’s autumn programming, including popular US show Entourage.

Adverts for the shows have started airing on UK TV channels ITV1 and ITV2, with the Britney Spears Beauty logo making an appearance.

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  • Kirim


    You know what guys. I’m starting to cry when I see this. When I see her. I’m so proud of her! Everyone are like She’s not even siginng! She’s so fake! but listen, she is almost 30 years old, have two kids and just think of everything she’s been thourgh. She loves this! Just look at her smiles and her moves. She’s not 20 anymore and everyone have to remember that. I love her and always will. It’s britney BITCH!


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