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Britney Working With Nate Hills

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Meet Nate Hills, the one-man band who helps shape the producer’s biggest hits…..

Hills’ role is often to refine Timbaland’s raw ideas, but they also write songs together. For example, Hills came up with the beat for “Promiscuous” and Timbaland created the hook. Lately, Hills has begun working on his own as a producer and songwriter with acts including Britney Spears, Diddy and Katharine McPhee. His most distinctive style is the spacey synth-rock sound he employed on Nelly Furtado track “Maneater” – which he also applied to a new song with Duran Duran and an upcoming solo track from the Pussycat Dolls’ Nicole Scherzinger. “I’m just a musical guy”, says Hills, who unlike many hip-hop producers has the chops to jam with live bands. “So I definitely want to venture into rock and stuff like that – where I can be free.”

Source: Rolling Stone

Madonna Breaks Britney's Earnings Record

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Pop star Madonna has been awarded a Guinness World Record for being the highest paid female singer.

The star, famous for constantly re-inventing her image, knocked singer Britney Spears from the top spot she had held since 2001.

It is thought Madonna made an estimated $50m (£26.7m) in 2004.

Source: BBC News Back Up And Running!

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Britney To Be Featured On "Q" Magazine Again

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Music magazine Q is to celebrate its 20th anniversary with 20 different covers for its November issue, each one featuring a different musical icon – who have all given exclusive photoshoots and interviews, talking about their personal highlights and low points over the past 20 years, for the issue on sale September 30.

Paul Rees, editor of the Emap title, said: “The 20th anniversary of Q, the essential music guide, is a landmark moment, and therefore we were determined to mark it with a landmark publishing moment.”

Subscribers will receive a specially produced edition featuring all 20 different cover images. At £3.90 a newsstand copy, collectors will be forking out a total of £78 to assemble the complete set of stars, which is: McCartney, David Bowie, Madonna, Noel Gallagher, Pete Townshend, Paul Weller , Damon Albarn, Britney Spears, David Grohl, Dido, David Gilmore, Ian Brown, Richards, Michael Stipe, Jimmy Page, Johnny Borrell, Kate Bush, Beyonce, Richard Ashcroft and U2.

Cyndi Lauper On Britney Spears

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In a recent interview cpnducted by a UK newspaper, ‘Bay Windows’, Lauper was asked a question about Britney Spears.

The interviewer asked, in brief: “Do you think that celebrities are treated the way Britney Spears and others are these days?

Lauper replied that, “The media attention is a lot more invasive now than when I first became famous in the 80s; the paparazzi are far more aggressive than they were 20 years ago.” She continues to say, “I think they should give [Britney] a break, though. She’s only 20 or whatever. We’d all look ridiculous if the media were paying attention to our every move.”

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Source: Bay Windows Newspaper Experiencing Difficulties

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JR Rotem Talks More To MTV About Britney's New Album

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JR Rotem claims to be taking Britney’s music to another level these days. He’s not new to the music scene though. He has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Lil’ Kim, 50 Cent, and even Paris Hilton!

He tells MTV that “She’s like everyone else”. “She’s hearing all the hits on the radio like [Nelly Furtado’s] ‘Promiscuous’ and things like that.”

They both worked on “a bunch of stuff,” which included written work by both. Britney has been able to find time to listen to the radio, as well as care for her children, surprisingly. And she’s been popping in and out of the studio recording some “crazy ass stuff”.

He said, “I can tell you there’s some dance stuff; there’s some slow, more introspective stuff; some club things.”. “When she gets behind the mic there’s a magic that comes out – and the music that we’re doing is the next level”

But, getting a call from Britney, Rotem didn’t expect Britney to be the bubbly type person he was imagining. In fact, he felt intimidated when he got the call.

He said, “Here’s the person that’s arguably the biggest popstar in the world, so you would assume she could have an ego.”.

When Rotem got into the studio with her, he recalled that “She was just a real person. She was real sweet. She was so professional. She knows her voice so well, yet she would still take direction, let herself be produced and was open to ideas.”

He stated that he was “blown away to see Britney record in the studio” and “definitely gained some respect” because he found the talent “actually there”. He comments on how he doesn’t realise if a song is overproduced and how much is edited. However, he says, “you hear this finished result that sounds professional.”

Rotem has worked with Spears’ husband as well, and stated that he is “really good friends” with them both.

“There’s no egos. It’s not about encourages or partying, just trying to do the best possible music.”

Britney’s 5th studio album is due for release sometime in 2007. The release date, as of yet, remains unconfirmed.

Source: MTV News