Official: New Album Confirmed For A 2007 Release

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There is a rumour currently circulating around the internet in regards to Britney coming back in November 2006. I would like to announce that there is no plan for any new Britney studio release anytime during this year.

I have, however, recieved information from Victoria, of Sony BMG New Zealand, that Britney’s album will be having a 2007 release.

In other news, she has also confirmed reports of Kevin Federline’s negotiations with Sony BMG to release his debut album: ‘Playing With Fire’.

This is what she had to say:

Hi Asad

I have asked Nicky and has told me that as far as she’s aware, Britney’s new album has definitely moved back to 2007.

Sony BMG are negotiating a deal with Federation Records (Kevin
Federline’s label), but there are no release dates confirmed yet.


We will be continually working on confirming more details regarding the forthcoming release in the coming months (inlcuding those internationally), so watch this space! Nicky is currently on leave, but I daresay she will have a lot of information to provide regarding the new album.

I’d also like to congratulate Britney and Kevin on the new addition to their family. September will surely be a busy month for the Federlines with 2 birthdays and an anniversary! I wish them all the best.

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