JR Rotem Talks More To MTV About Britney's New Album

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JR Rotem claims to be taking Britney’s music to another level these days. He’s not new to the music scene though. He has worked with the likes of Rihanna, Lil’ Kim, 50 Cent, and even Paris Hilton!

He tells MTV that “She’s like everyone else”. “She’s hearing all the hits on the radio like [Nelly Furtado’s] ‘Promiscuous’ and things like that.”

They both worked on “a bunch of stuff,” which included written work by both. Britney has been able to find time to listen to the radio, as well as care for her children, surprisingly. And she’s been popping in and out of the studio recording some “crazy ass stuff”.

He said, “I can tell you there’s some dance stuff; there’s some slow, more introspective stuff; some club things.”. “When she gets behind the mic there’s a magic that comes out – and the music that we’re doing is the next level”

But, getting a call from Britney, Rotem didn’t expect Britney to be the bubbly type person he was imagining. In fact, he felt intimidated when he got the call.

He said, “Here’s the person that’s arguably the biggest popstar in the world, so you would assume she could have an ego.”.

When Rotem got into the studio with her, he recalled that “She was just a real person. She was real sweet. She was so professional. She knows her voice so well, yet she would still take direction, let herself be produced and was open to ideas.”

He stated that he was “blown away to see Britney record in the studio” and “definitely gained some respect” because he found the talent “actually there”. He comments on how he doesn’t realise if a song is overproduced and how much is edited. However, he says, “you hear this finished result that sounds professional.”

Rotem has worked with Spears’ husband as well, and stated that he is “really good friends” with them both.

“There’s no egos. It’s not about encourages or partying, just trying to do the best possible music.”

Britney’s 5th studio album is due for release sometime in 2007. The release date, as of yet, remains unconfirmed.

Source: MTV News

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