Is Britney Hiding Something?

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Just a week or so after the birth of Britney and Kevin’s second child, X17 photogs caught Britney’s bodyguard shopping at Planet Blue Kids in Malibu and he was buying only pink newborn girl clothes!

Why don’t they have this video, you ask? Because Britney’s bodyguard came at the Z17 guys, threatening to call the Malibu Police (aka Pap Patrol) if they didn’t give him the video tape immediately. The X17 guys freaked (don’t do it again!), turned over the tape and left, wondering why Brit’s bodyguard would go to such lengths to keep a hidden video of him shopping for little girl’s clothes.

Hmm… I wonder… I’m thinking Britney’s had a baby girl. I think she’s hiding something. We certainly are going to get a surprise no doubt!

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