1,611 New Britneys In Britain

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Britney, Tiger, Gandalf and Madonna will soon join the more usual Peters and Janes in Britain’s playgrounds, while Harry Potter may also drop in, according to a new survey of babies’ names.

“It seems that many of us are happy to take hero worship to a whole new level, naming our children after the stars we admire,” said Sarah Malone of www.findmypast.com, the website that compiled the survey. “However, it would appear that the famous British sense of humor is alive and well, with six parents naming their son Gandalf, along with one Harry Potter and two Supermans,” she added.

From the world of music, Australian star Kylie Minogue has inspired the biggest gaggle of little girls, with 7,261. In contrast, Madonna only manages 288 namesakes, easily beaten by 1,611 Britneys.

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