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Full Info On Britney's Prenup And Fortune

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The prenup reveals that the wedding that happened on September 18th 2004 was fake, as everyone originally thought. The real wedding happened on October 6th.

Note: All prices are in £Pounds Sterling

Music: £13.5m


Britney’s contract with Zomba Recording Corporation earned her £5.2million for her fourth album, In The Zone (2004). After recording costs and royalty fees had been paid, she earned £3,421,052. Her estimated earnings for future albums were put at between £4.2million and £5.2million each.


Britney touring earned an average of £210,526 per night during the star’s 2004 tour. Britney anticipates touring every two years, generating gross income put at between £10.5million and £23.68million. The 2004 pre-nup reveals she was waiting for a £5.2m insurance pay-out after cancelling dates that year due to a knee injury.


Britney is paid a 20 per cent royalty of the retail price of each album she sells. On average, she gets between 78p and £1.05 for each album. She also gets 50 per cent of the net income earned by Zomba in royalties for songs of hers included in films or adverts, a sum listed as high as £157,000 per film or ad. She receives royalties as the writer of two songs on her fourth album, put at £236,842. She is also paid public performance royalties each time songs she has written are played on the radio. In the documents this is described as “income that can reach as high as £342,105 in any given year”.

Property and valuables: £11.5m


Malibu home, above: Eight bedrooms, eight bathrooms, Olympic-size swimming pool: £5.2million.

Jointly owned apartment in Destin, Florida: £631,000

Apartment in Baton Rouge, Louisiana: £84,000

House in Kentwood, Louisiana (with pool house and carriage house): £2.3million

New York penthouse apartment, once owned by Keith Richards: £3.15million (sold summer 2006)

Apartment in Orlando, Florida co-owned with Justin Timberlake, £1m (sold in March this year)


Britney bought her own engagement ring on June 23, 2004. The custom-designed platinum and diamond 5.21 carat ring, by designer Cynthia Wolff, is valued at £131,578 in the pre-nup documents. Tiffany diamond watch: £2,300

Vintage diamond clasp on pearl chain: £3,236

White gold and pink diamond Britney & Justin cross necklace: £7,894

Belly chain with brown diamonds: £500

Belly chain with pink diamonds: £2,000

Pink diamond chain ring: £5,157

Black gold and diamond Britney & Justin cross necklace: £6,842

Platinum necklace with one-carat butterfly shaped diamond and 1.5 carat intense pink diamond: £11,578

Pink and white diamond flower bracelet: £2,315


Britney owns vast swathes of forestry land in her native Louisiana valued at £3.1million.

Merchandise: £8.5m


Britney signed a five-year deal with Elizabeth Arden in February 2004 to launch her own range of perfumes, cosmetics and skincare worldwide.

She receives six per cent royalties of net sales but was guaranteed a fixed fee per year in the event that sales failed to meet expectations. In fact, her perfume, Curious, has become a bestseller.

She is guaranteed: Up to December 2005, £1.57million; 2006, £789,473; 2007, £1.31million; 2008, £1.57million; 2009, £1.05million – but projected earnings from fragrance sales are put at £14.5million over five years.


Britney BRANDS received a £1.5million advance against sales of T-shirts, posters, calendars and key-chains sold during her 2004 concert tour. Sales of Britney dolls raked in £1.05million while income from fan club membership is estimated at £800,000 a year.

TV & Movies: 2m

Britney received £1.57million to star in the movie Crossroads. The pre-nup stated she was keen to focus on her film and TV career and put her potential earning capacity over the next five years as £15-£20million.

She earns £400,000 a time for TV specials on American cable channels such as HBO and Showtime.

Britney’s character appeared in an episode of the Simpsons in 2000, left.

Magazines: £1.3m

In September 2004, American magazine People paid more than £500,000 for exclusive rights to pictures from Britney’s ‘faux’ wedding – which they believed was the real thing. In December 2005, People paid £800,000 for the first photos of baby Sean Preston. The singer turned down £1million from Playboy, saying it was not appropriate to bare all as a young mother. She is now said to be in negotiations with Vanity Fair for baby Jayden’s first photo session – but this shoot will be for free. Under the pre-nup Federline can share money earned as a family and Britney does not want him to benefit.

Endorsements: £11m

PEPSI £4.73m

Three TV commercials and print campaigns


Two TV ads and two print campaigns


Sponsorship for 2002 tour and endorsement deal. One photo session and an appearance at a Samsung-sponsored motor racing event in Texas


Sponsored spring leg of her 2002 tour


TWO days shooting two TV ads for Japanese brewery


Britney’s image used in ads for acne cream


Endorsement for Britney Spears-branded four-wheeler rollerskates


As of June 30, 2004, in six accounts including Credit Suisse, Citizens Bank and Signature Bank

The pre-nup

In the document referred to as the Smith and Jones Cohabitation/Prenuptial Agreement, Britney and her husband agree to each have a one-half share of their £5.2million home in Malibu.

The agreement bans Federline for getting his hands on any of the money Britney made before their marriage or any money she makes from pre-existing deals and contracts during their marriage.

Any gift worth more than £5,263 requires a legal document signed between the couple stating who will own it if they split. If there is no legal document, Federline will be forced to hand back gifts from Britney such as his Harley Davidson motorcycle and his Ferrari.

An early draft of the pre-nup puts a cap on spousal support at £18,947 per year of marriage. This was later amended to £157,894, though legal jargon effectively means he gets this for every TWO years of marriage. Each is banned from writing books or giving interviews about their relationship without the other’s prior consent.

The fake wedding

Documents were hastily drawn up to protect Britney prior to the couple’s much- publicised ‘wedding’ on September 18, 2004.

The media had found out about the ceremony but Federline had yet to sign the pre-nup so, while Britney, wearing a £50,000 Monique Lhuillier gown, acted the blushing bride, the reality was that her lawyers had drawn up a four-page document protecting her interests.

The extraordinary fake marriage agreement states: “The parties hereby agree they intend to participate in a “faux” wedding ceremony with one another on September 18, 2004; however, they do not intend to and shall not validly marry one another on said date.

“On September 18, 2004, the parties’ “faux” marriage shall not be solemnized.

“The parties shall n
ot declare in the presence of the minister performing their “wedding ceremony” or in front of any witnesses that they “take each other as husband and wife”.

“Britney represents and warrants that she understands and agrees that the alleged “wedding ceremony” in which the parties intend to participate shall not be a lawful California marriage.”

The divorce

Federline will receive £157,894 in spousal support. The pre-nup states this is the sum he will get for every year of his marriage, up to half the number of years he has been married. As the marriage only lasted two years, this is his total settlement. It is not known whether it will take the form of a one-off payment of monthly instalments.

Source: Daily Mail

Britney Working With Pharrell Williams On New Album

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Britney Spears plans to bid New York City farewell and head to Miami, where she’ll continue working on her new album over the weekend, sources tell PEOPLE.

Spears is recording her first original album since 2003’s In the Zone in studios in Miami, Los Angeles and New York City.

At a Louis Vuitton party in New York City on Thursday night, producer Pharrell Williams told PEOPLE he’d be helping out. Asked about upcoming projects, he said, “The stuff I’m about to do is amazing, but I don’t like talking about what I’m about to do.” He paused, then said, “Okay, I’m going in with Britney.”

Meanwhile, Spears was at Manhattan’s Sony Music recording studio from about 9:30 to 11:00 p.m. Thursday night, then back again from 12:50 to 5:30 Friday morning. After leaving the studio, on her way back to her hotel she stopped by a local drugstore, where she checked out baby items and tried on sunglasses and a Santa hat.

The pop star, who filed for divorce from Kevin Federline on Tuesday, has been in New York since last week. On Monday, she made a surprise visit to the Late Show with David Letterman. The following day, she took an ice-skating spin around Rockefeller Center, dined out with friends – and spent hours at the Sony Music Studio.

And just as Spears is on the move, so is her estranged husband. Michael Sands, a rep for Federline’s lawyer, Mark Vincent Kaplan, tells PEOPLE that Federline is holding up fine despite the fact that the divorce filing “caught Kevin totally by surprise. I think Kevin’s doing pretty well, considering this disastrous situation. But I believe something good will come out of this.”

Federline, who performed at Chicago’s House of Blues on Wednesday, will be on the road promoting his debut album, Playing with Fire, through Nov. 24. A scheduled Friday-night performance at the House of Blues in Atlantic City was canceled, so instead he’ll be in Washington, D.C., for a listening party at the club Platinum. Then it’s off to Virginia Beach for a Sunday show, followed by a listening party in Miami on Nov. 17.

At the House of Blues performance, the venue was packed with a standing-room-only audience – though tickets were being given away free.

As for Federline’s effort to gain sole custody of his children with Spears, Sean Preston, 1, and Jayden James (born Sept. 12), Sands says, “Kevin’s interested in having as much time as he’s allowed with the kids, so he wants full legal and physical custody, with visitation rights for Britney.” He adds, “If there were no kids involved, it would be easy, but it’s going to take time to iron out a lot of different issues.”

Source: People Magazine

Britney Selling Her Malibu Mansion

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Newly-single star Britney Spears has reportedly placed her Malibu, California, mansion up for sale after filing for divorce from husband Kevin Federline. Spears stunned her aspiring rapper spouse on Tuesday when she filed legal papers seeking the dissolution of their two-year marriage and sole custody of their two sons Sean Preston, 14 months; and Jayden James, two months.

Federline was unemployed when Spears paid $6.9 million for the eight-bedroom home following their October 2004 wedding. The lavish abode includes an outdoor kitchen, spa, gym, tennis courts, $150,000 nursery and a recording studio.

The New York Post reports Spears is asking $13.5 million for the mansion.

Source: WENN

Britney Busy Working On Her New Album

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During her week in New York, Britney has been busy recording her fifth studio album. So much in fact that she spent the entire night there! She arrived at 1am and left sometime the next morning.

Britney is now flying directly to Miami, FL, to continue working on the eagerly anticipated disc.

Britney is definately back!

Britney's Divorce Timing: Was It All About The Prenup?

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Britney Spears didn’t pick Nov. 6 as the day to file for divorce from Kevin Federline by accident.

She filed two years and one month from the day of her marriage, on Oct. 6, 2004. Her prenup, according to legal theorists, evidently carried increases for Federline for every year of their marriage. And those deadlines, they say, likely had 30-day grace periods.

Hence, Nov. 6 would have been Britney’s last chance to get out of paying a third year of alimony settlement to a basically talentless slacker who was a drain on her finances.

And in the end, money is probably what Spears’ divorce is all about. Since she deliberately showed off a new trim body on David Letterman’s show the other night, Spears is obviously getting ready to go back to work. If a new album and tour are on the boards, Spears obviously doesn’t want to share the proceeds with Federline. It was clearly better to get out now, so that K-Fed can lay claim to only half of Spears’ earnings during what has been the most fallow period in her career.

Indeed, Spears has no doubt been feeling the pinch of diminished income since she met Federline and quickly had two children with him. The one thing she’s been unable to do is tour, and that’s really where she makes her bread and butter.

Spears has never been a huge recording artist. She hasn’t released an album of new material since 2003, and it’s hard to say whether there’s an audience out there to buy one if she did.

Her biggest hits occurred some time ago, between 1999 and 2001, when “Baby One More Time” and “Oops! … I Did It Again” caused sensations. But Spears didn’t write those songs, and she doesn’t get a publishing royalty for any of her few big hits. That has no doubt hurt her pocketbook, since sales of her albums are long since finished.

Without touring or getting paid for commercial endorsements, Spears doesn’t have much of a profitable career these days. Add in two kids, a husband with expensive tastes who doesn’t earn money, various family members and employees, and Spears could be facing Michael Jackson- type financial problems. Offloading Federline, even with a prenup, is probably the first best thing she can do to cut expenses.

Spears, by the way, also has her name on a charitable foundation. But Nina Biggar, director of the Cambridge, Mass.-based Britney Spears Foundation, didn’t even know Spears had filed for divorce when I called her yesterday. She told me that the organization had given away almost $2 million in its short life, including $800,000 to the Twin Towers Fund.

The charity is entirely funded by Spears, but Biggar told me that this past year’s contribution was lower than the one before. This doesn’t reflect lack of interest on Spears’ part, but just lack of funds. Once K-Fed is off the payroll, Britney will be able to afford a return to her charitable activities.

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More Info About The Divorce

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POP babe Britney Spears is to divorce hubby Kevin Federline after a furious Halloween night bust-up.

She screamed at him, “You’re useless — you’re nobody” during the launch of his rap album.

Federline, 28, her former backing dancer, was later seen kneeling in a corner crying after she stormed out.

Britney, 24, wants custody of their children, Sean Preston, one, and two-month old Jayden James. She also asks that assets like jewellery are “separate”.

The split followed another row on Thursday when Federline apparently stood her up on a date in New York.

Britney had tarted herself up for dinner in a sexy black dress and fishnets.

But when he failed to show she dined with her bodyguard instead, sobbing into her food.

Later she made a bizarre attempt to lift her spirits by changing into a sexy red dress in a lobby toilet — before going to her room alone.

But she got her revenge on Federline by snubbing the launch of his rap tour at a New York club.

When asked how his wife was, Federline said: “I don’t know.”

Later, when the DJ played Britney’s song Slave 4 U, Federline made a slashing motion across his throat, telling him to cut it off.

Britney filed legal papers in Los Angeles County Superior Court yesterday citing “irreconcilable differences” and giving the separation date as Monday.

She went on David Letterman’s chat show on Monday night with a new blonde hairstyle — and didn’t mention a split.

Two weeks ago Federline started renting a two-bed bachelor pad in Los Angeles — which is a 45-minute drive from Britney’s Malibu mansion.

It is thought the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement limiting a divorce payout.

They married in LA after a three-month romance in September 2004.

In January that year Britney had wed childhood pal Jason Alexander in Las Vegas but the marriage was annulled after 48 hours.

Source: The Sun

You can see the image of Britney in the red dress after Kevin stood her up here!

Britney And Larry Rudolph Reunited

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Britney was spotted Ice Skating last night with former manager Larry Rudolph. It was reported that they parted ways in 2004 due to him not liking the fact that she was marrying Kevin.

It’s definately no coincidence that they’re back together again the day she filed for divorce. Maybe she was discussing her comeback with him!