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Leona Lewis Smashes Britney's Record

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London, Dec 30: X-factor winner, Leona Lewis has broken her third world record to become the fastest selling female performer of all time.

Her single ‘A moment like this’ reached the number one position and sold 571,253 copies in the first week itself.

“It’s great news for Leona, and the song looks solid at number one for a second week,” The Mirror quoted her spokesperson, as saying.

Lewis’ single smashed Britney Spears record of 464,000 copies of her single ’Hit Me Baby One More Time’.

Leona’s debut song, a cover of a Kelly Clarkson ballad, broke its first record on day one, becoming the fastest selling download with 50,000 copies in the first half hour, and created its second record by becoming the best selling download over the period of a week.


"Midnight Fantasy" Outsells Its Predecessors

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According to controversial gossip website,, Britney’s latest fragrance “Midnight Fantasy”, has already outsold all her previous scents!

The perfume has limited availability in the US and isn’t for sale in all stores yet. If you live in America, you can find it at Macys or buy it online at

The fragrance will be released internationally early in 2007.

2 Songs Recorded With 'The Clutch'

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The Clutch (consisting of songwriters Balewa Muhammad, Keri Lynn Hilson, Ezekiel Lewis, J. Que & Candice Nelson) have announced they have recorded two songs with Britney for her forthcoming comeback album, saying that they were “just getting back in town from cutting two records with Britney. Yeah, it was funny because she was on the cover of the NY Post or something like that, coming to the studio. So she was coming up there to cut with us, so that’s what we were working on.” The Clutch have recently worked with Pussycat Dolls and Danity Kane, as well as “Take Me As I Am” with Mary J. Blige and “Red Light” with Usher.

More Information On Britney Holding Demo CD

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A few weeks ago, Britney was spotted holding a Jive Records labeled CD-R acetate; a close-up photo of this CD reveals it to include the “Not Final” tag line. Along with that, it included a date which was 14/11/06, and also included 17 track titles along with the names of writers/producers such as Sean Garrett, Steve Anderson (who co-wrote “Breathe On Me”), Kara DioGuardi (who co-wrote “Brave New Girl”), and possibly “Lil’ Jon.”

Britney Tops Worst-Behaved Celebrity Survey In NZ

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Forget the mud-slinging gold-digger and the drunken former Mad Max man – trashy white pop princess Britney Spears has been judged the year’s worst-behaved celebrity by New Zealand star-gazers.

Britney may even have got off lightly. The Herald-DigiPoll survey of 1000 people was taken just before worldwide tut-tutting over her Commando performance in late November (her knickerless exit from a car outside an LA nightclub).

Instead 31 per cent of those polled got in early with their disapproval, voting Britney the worst-behaved star of the year for failing to buckle in her infant son, Sean Preston, in February.

For the uninitiated, she drove straight down Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway with the four-month-old in her lap. The bimbo sent authorities and child welfare agencies into a spin, but Britney lumped all blame on the paparazzi. Sooo 1996.

Clearly common sense has no currency in Tinseltown.

For the complete article, click here.

Source: New Zealand Herald Newspaper

Rumour: Britney To Do Tell-All Interview In Vanity Fair

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According to the UK’s Sun newspaper, Britney is set to do a tell-all interview in US magazine Vanity Fair. The publication cites a source as saying that Britney is going to talk a lot about her marriage to Kevin. This seems unlikely seen as their prenup said neither party can talk about the marriage in any way if they split.

A new interview and photoshoot does seem overdue though, so if it’s not Vanity Fair there will probably be one in another magazine sometime next month.