Britney Tops Worst-Behaved Celebrity Survey In NZ

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Forget the mud-slinging gold-digger and the drunken former Mad Max man – trashy white pop princess Britney Spears has been judged the year’s worst-behaved celebrity by New Zealand star-gazers.

Britney may even have got off lightly. The Herald-DigiPoll survey of 1000 people was taken just before worldwide tut-tutting over her Commando performance in late November (her knickerless exit from a car outside an LA nightclub).

Instead 31 per cent of those polled got in early with their disapproval, voting Britney the worst-behaved star of the year for failing to buckle in her infant son, Sean Preston, in February.

For the uninitiated, she drove straight down Malibu’s Pacific Coast Highway with the four-month-old in her lap. The bimbo sent authorities and child welfare agencies into a spin, but Britney lumped all blame on the paparazzi. Sooo 1996.

Clearly common sense has no currency in Tinseltown.

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Source: New Zealand Herald Newspaper

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