Britney Worried What Lynne Will Say About Her Hair

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The online blogging community is going crazy today with news and photos from Britney Spears’s hair-raising Friday night. Employees of the Tarzana, California, salon where Spears underwent her transformation have surfaced and are speaking to the media. “She just looked in the mirror and said with tears in her eyes, ‘Oh, my God, I shaved it all off. My mom is going to be so upset with me,'” said the salon’s owner, adding that Spears complained that her extensions were “very tight and uncomfortable” before shaving her head.

“We have no idea how she found us,” said a salon employee. “She just walked in and said she wanted to shave her head. [The owner] has been in the business for 30 years and said, ‘I’m not doing that.’ But Britney was set on having her head shaved so she started doing it herself… I don’t know what’s going on in her head, but she obviously is not very happy deep down, but she thought it would make her happy to have her head shaved. She didn’t say if she liked it or not, but she thought it would make her happy do it so she did.”

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