Britney Attacks The Paparazzi Outside Kevin's House

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Britney went to Kevin’s house in the San Fernando Valley last night around 7 pm and rang the bell at his gate three times with no answer. She was so frustrated that when her assistant stopped the car, Britney grabbed an umbrella and went after our photographers.

But here’s the rest of the story — when Britney rang at Kevin’s, he was in fact inside the house with the babies. He left thirty minutes later and headed to the couple’s former love nest in Malibu’s Serra Retreat where Britney was waiting. Apparently she calmed herself down enough and perhaps made a deal with Kevin regarding Sean and Jayden because late last night, Britney went back to Promises rehab center. And then Kevin’s emergency hearing today was cancelled.


You can see the pics and video of a furious Britney on the above site via the link. Britney smashed up the paparazzi’s car with an umbrella an then apparently hit a photographer so it marked his back.

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