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Britney Admitted To Cedars-Sinai Medical Center

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According to new reports, Britney has been admitted to Cedars-Sinai Medical Centre, following her evening visit to the salon where she shaved off all of her hair before getting two new tattoos – a black, white and pink cross on her hip and red and pink lips on her wrist. During the one-hour visit, the employee asked Britney about her new hairdo, where she said, “I don’t want anyone touching me. I’m tired of everyone touching me.” Britney also explained she had “spilled Nyquil all over [her white handbag].”

Source: UKBritney.TV

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Larry Talks About Britney's Latest Actions

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On Britney’s latest hair cut “Britney has been through a tragic thing that hopefully will never happen again, shaving her hair was a sort of therapeutic thing for Britney.

Larry also goes on to speak about Britney seeking help “Britney knows that she needs help and is already going through counselling, she knows what needs to be done and is slowly re-building herself step by step”.

Has Britney Hit Rock Bottom? Arrives Back In LA And Shaves Head

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Britney went to a hair salon on Ventura Blvd in the San Fernando Valley. Apparently she had called someone from the salon, which was closed, to come back and open the doors just for her. Our photographers say she was crying in the car for ten minutes before she went inside — you can even see wet tear stains on her sweatshirt. She then went inside and did the deed herself — picking up the shears and shaving her head.

People Confirms: Britney Was In Rehab

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Britney Spears checked into a rehab facility and then abruptly checked out, a source confirms to PEOPLE.

Spears, 25, checked herself into Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Centre in Antigua “two or three days ago” but left after just one day and headed to Florida, the source tells PEOPLE.

TV’s Extra first reported that the singer had entered a treatment facility. later reported that she checked out less than 24 hours later.

Spears has been a nightlife fixture ever since filing for divorce from Kevin Federline in November.

On Tuesday, her former personal assistant, Felicia Culotta, wrote in a letter to’s The Other Blog that Spears’s friends and family were trying to get her help, but were not having much luck.

“There’s just so much you can do to help a person,” Culotta wrote. “I cannot convince her in ANY way to love herself. … I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and will. I am throwing my hands up and realizing that I am helpless over another.”

That was not the first sign that those around her were concerned. In January, Rudolph told USA Today that Spears realized her behavior had been harming her image. “She understands what’s going on right now, and she calls it her ‘rocky moment,’ ” he said. “Britney knows exactly what she needs to do.”

Spears herself later wrote in a letter to fans on her Web site, “If I were you I’d be unhappy too if I had to read what I’ve been reading every day. But trust me, I get it. I know I’ve been far from perfect and the media has had a lot of fun exaggerating my every move.”

Source: People Magazine

More Info About Britney Checking Into Rehab

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“Extra” has learned exclusively that after months of hard partying, pop princess Britney Spears has entered rehab.

Our sources tell us that Brit, who has been notably absent from the paparazzi scene in recent days, is seeking professional help at an undisclosed location.

This comes after the emotional letter that rocked Britney’s world, composed after her non-stop partying took her from coast to coast and back again.

Those close to Brit were fed up, frustrated and pleading with her to seek professional help; it appears they finally staged a long-anticipated intervention.

Brit’s former assistant of nearly 10 years, Felicia Culotta, just posted her plea to the mother of two on

Culotta revealed she’s “crushed” by the way Britney’s life is unfolding, writing, “We, as her family and nearest and dearest, not on the payroll anymore, are doing everything in our power to get help for Britney.”

It seems Brit’s family is ready to fold in their mission to help the one-time world sensation.

“I cannot save her from herself, nor can I commit her to any type of treatment program against her wishes and wills,” the statement reads.

On Friday, OK magazine Entertainment Director Rob Shuter told “Extra,” “People are speculating that the force behind this letter may in fact be Britney’s mother reaching out to Britney.”

With her recent girls gone wilds antics, which include hard partying at Vegas hotspot Pure and stripping down to her skivvies to dance with go-go dancers in New York, it seems only natural that her behavior is raising questions and concerns.

“By going out and drinking and partying at the clubs, she kind of feels the people she meets at clubs are her friends,” dished Us Weekly’s Senior Editor Albert Lee.

Lee also broke news to “Extra,” revealing that Brit is slipping again when it comes to car seat safety and her two little boys, Jayden James and Sean Preston.

“She was driving with Jayden James, her youngest son, with the car seat again facing forward,” Lee told us.

But it is Brit’s former assistant and family friend who is putting what many are feeling into words, which may have pushed Britney into sobering up and getting help: “When she does indeed hit rock bottom, she’ll stand up and walk away from this whole fiasco a new, confident, changed, career driven Britney like we all knew and loved.”

Source: ExtraTV

Get A Call From Britney!

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NEW YORK, Feb. 14 /PRNewswire/ — Fans nationwide will start receiving calls from Britney Spears today as part of a new promotion from Elizabeth Arden that uses Interactive Voice Recording (IVR) technology to send customized phone call recordings from the pop star to her fans across the country. The promotion is being offered in conjunction with Britney Spears’ latest fragrance, MIDNIGHT fantasy, which launched in December 2006.

Senders provide the receiver’s name and personality to create a personalized “MIDNIGHT fantasy” message from Britney selected just for them. Messages will be sent from the site The Britney Spears personal voice message will be heard as soon as the lucky recipient picks up the phone.

“It’s so cool to personally reach out to my fans this way!,” said Britney Spears. “I am really excited for people to get the calls and send ‘midnight fantasy’ messages to their friends from me. I absolutely love this new fragrance, and hope everyone is encouraged to try it.”

MIDNIGHT fantasy BRITNEY SPEARS(TM) is available at department stores, like Macy’s, nationwide. Find out more information about Britney Spears fragrances at

Britney's Nanny Reveals Truth About Her Mothering To OK! Magazine

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Britney Spears has not exactly been the poster child for world’s best mom. But you can’t blame the 25-year-old performer – she’s spent most of her life on the road and never had the time to master parenting skills.

“She is really sweet and loving,” her nanny tells OK! exclusively. “She loves her kids, she’s just not very knowledgeable about little things.”

Britney’s life is anything but normal for a single mother: Her mornings often start in the afternoon, and she’s been known to take professional meetings in her bathtub. Unusual behavior for a mom, maybe, but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t love her children, Sean Preston, 17 months, and Jayden, 5 months; those around her insist she wants only the best for them.

“She’s very loving, and when they cry she is very patient,” the nanny says.

Source: OK! Magazine