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People Magazine: "Britney & Kevin Reach Divorce Settlement"

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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline reached a divorce settlement Thursday, PEOPLE has learned.

After a five-hour session with Federline and his attorney Mark Vincent Kaplan and Spears and her representatives, “the parties signed a global settlement on all issues of their marriage and the custody of the children,” Kaplan’s spokesman Michael Sands tells PEOPLE.

The deal, worked out in the Los Angeles offices of Spears’s attorney Laura Wasser, comes just days after Spears left rehab on March 20. The terms were not revealed.

Spears and Federline wed in September 2004 in a suprise cermony and soon settled into a Malibu mansion.

The couple had two sons, Sean Preston in September 2005 and Jayden James almost a exactly a year later.

Not long after their second son was born, trouble signs appeared in their marriage, with Spears missing many of Federline’s promotional appearances for his poorly received hip-hop album Playing With Fire.

Spears filed for divorce on Nov. 7, 2006, citing irreconcilable differences. In a temporary agreement, Spears had custody of the boys with three days of visitation for Federline.

Britney began months of hard-partying in New York, Miami, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, hooking up for a time with Paris Hilton. Spears initially defending her partying as long-overdue fun , but by January, her manager acknowledged she was having a rocky moment.

After a wild weekend in which she shaved her head, Spears entered rehab at Promises in Malibu, where she stayed for about four weeks. Federline, who watched the boys during her treatment, declined to return custody to Spears until he was satisfied with her follow-through to rehab, a source says.

Source: People Magazine

The Divorce Finalised: Joint Custody For Britney & Kevin

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TMZ has learned Britney Spears and Kevin Federline have reached a settlement in their divorce.

Sources say that under the terms, K-Fed will walk away with around $1 million. As for their two kids, we’re told Britney and Kevin will have joint custody, sharing physical custody 50/50. The divorce will be final, with a judge’s signature, very soon.

In the past, when Laura Wasser, Britney’s lawyer, has settled a high-profile divorce, the parties file a “skeletal judgment,” which mean the specific terms will be omitted from the public documents.


Britney & Kevin: Divorce Settlement Imminent

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TMZ has confirmed that Britney Spears and Kevin Federline are with their lawyers right now and they could be inking a settlement to their divorce before leaving.

It is NOT TRUE that Spears was at the hospital.

If the settlement develops the way we’re told, K-Fed will walk away with about $1 million and Britney will win primary physical custody of their two children.

Source: TMZ

This is live… they’re at the lawyers’ offices at this moment, so we’ll keep you updated if there are any developments.

Larry Rudolph Releases Another Statement Regarding Britney's Privacy

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A doctor’s visit by Britney Spears sparked a media frenzy this evening when it was reported the singer was headed for the emergency room.

But instead, Britney was merely on her way to see dentist-to-the-stars, Dr. Billy Dorfman!

Gossip blog sites reported earlier this evening that a bodyguard had taken Spears to an ER at Century City Doctor’s Hospital. But the building is confusing and she took a wrong entrance and landed in the ER.

A source close to the singer told Access Hollywood the Internet reports were completely false. The pop star, who recently left rehab, received routine dental treatment — there was no emergency at all. This was the first time Britney had used Dr. Dorfman.Access’ source also noted Spears’ family was “freaked out” by the original Internet reports.

“This is getting so ridiculous,” her manager, Larry Rudolph, told Access Hollywood.”Every time she sneezes it’s front page news. Everyone needs to just leave her alone right now and give her some space.”

It was reported that cops were forced to swarm the area for crowd control due to a host of paparazzi visiting the hospital, but Access Hollywood found none at the scene.

Spears has had a fairly normal weekend since leaving rehab, working, eating and attending to personal business.

On Friday she was spotted at Millennium Dance Complex, before traveling to a sushi restaurant for dinner. She followed that up Saturday with a trip to have her nails done at Epitome Salon.

On Sunday, the southern singer visited Bel Air Presbyterian Church on Sunday before eating lunch at Barefoot Café.

Meanwhile, Britney’s soon-to-be-ex-husband, Kevin Federline,was off celebrating his 29th birthday at Pure nightclub at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas.

K-Fed reportedly partied with his father, mother, brother, and ex-girlfriend, Shar Jackson. The Pussycat Dolls presented him with his cake.

His children with Britney, Sean Preston and Jayden James, reportedly were in Sin City, but left in the hotel room.

Source: Access Hollywood

Britney's First Post Rehab Outtings: Dinner, Dancing & Dentist!

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In her first public appearance since rehab, Britney Spears stepped out to take a dance class and have a sushi dinner with her girlfriends.

Spears left home Friday night to take a one-hour hip-hop class at the Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood – this after lying low since checking out of Malibu’s Promises treatment facility on Tuesday.

Wearing nude fishnet stockings with dance boots, black hot pants, a black long-sleeved shirt and a baseball cap over her dark brown wig, Spears arrived with her assistant as well as two bodyguards to take a 7 p.m. advanced-level hip-hop class with instructor Darrien Henning.

“The minute she walked in, she basically lit up the room,” Henning told PEOPLE. “I had no idea she was coming, so I was shocked.”

Spears, whom Henning described as looking “fantastic,” quietly took a spot in the back of the about 30-person class held at the studio’s 12,000-sq.-ft. “Dome.” “She did the choreography really well,” Henning said, adding, “In fact, she came in and nailed it.”

And the pop star’s presence in class seemed to serve as an inspiration: “All my students tried harder to get on their game,” Henning said.

Returning to the dance studio is a homecoming of sorts for Spears, says Millennium Dance Complex owner Robert Baker, who counts Spears as one of his star clients. “She also comes in to scope talent,” he told PEOPLE. “More than once she’s hired our teachers to choreograph for her.”

And true to form, she stuck around after class to watch a master class from the VIP lounge.

Spears next headed to Bel Air fusion Japanese eatery SHU Sushi House Unico to meet up with three girlfriends at around 10 p.m. The four women dined at a table near a window at the front of the restaurant, an onlooker tells PEOPLE.

Upon leaving, Spears smiled at waiting photographers and gave a friendly wave before heading home alone at about 11:30 p.m.

On Sunday, Spears made another outing – this one presumably not as much fun. She paid a visit to a Los Angeles hospital to see a dentist, her rep tells PEOPLE.

But it’s nothing serious, says the rep: “At worst, it’s a toothache.”

Source: People Magazine

Britney Out Of Rehab, Sues Jason Alexander

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It’s tough being Britney: She’s out of rehab just one day and already siccing her lawyers on a blabbermouth ex-husband and other evil gossip-peddlers on two continents.

The twitchy 12-stepper, who left Promises drug and alcohol treatment center in Malibu on Wednesday, has her lawyers in London and Los Angeles fighting to save her reputation.

Or what’s left of it after last month’s head shaving and umbrella attack on the paparazzi, and the panty-less private-parts shots seen round the world.

The main target of Britney’s ire is Jason Alexander, the childhood pal she was married to for just 55 hours in 2004.

Alexander “has been peddling false, defamatory and outrageous stories” and “selling and exploiting private and confidential information about Ms. Spears to the media for money and notoriety,” Spears’ L.A. lawyer Martin Singer wrote the Daily News.

Alexander is violating a confidentiality agreement that he signed, the letter charges.

Last month Alexander told the Sunday Mirror, a British tabloid, that Spears had engaged in drug use and lesbian romps, saying that he wanted to reveal the truth about her so she didn’t “wind up like Anna Nicole Smith.” The Louisiana lothario could not be reached for comment yesterday.

At the same time, Spears’ attorneys from the Schillings law firm in London obtained a High Court injunction yesterday to restrain a “John Doe” from invading her privacy by providing information about her time in rehab to the British press.

Clarissa Amato, a lawyer at Schillings, said the firm did not know the identity of the leaker but had asked the court to order British newspapers to disclose their sources.

Spears is also in a divorce battle with her current hubby, Kevin Federline, the father of her two young kids. The couple are wrangling over who gets the kids and just how much of her multimillion-dollar fortune he’s entitled to.

Source: NY Daily News