Britney's New Trainer Says She's Working "Extremely Hard"

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Some people lose money in Vegas. Britney Spears apparently loses weight.

With Britney’s penchant for mini-dresses – and photographers’ penchant for Britney – it’s been hard to miss her noticeably leaner post-rehab figure (12 pounds leaner, to be exact), which Brit’s new trainer, Manny Bujold, says is the result of more squats and fewer Cheetos. “She works extremely hard,” Bujold tells Us Weekly.

However, the 25-year-old pop star was spotted at a LipoDissolve clinic in Las Vegas on March 31, leading people to wonder if Britney gave her rapid weight loss a shot in the arm – with a series of shots that literally melt away extra pounds.

This wouldn’t be the first time Britney had a cosmetic trick up her sleeve – or, um, under her wig. Just a few days prior to her LipoDissolve mission, Britney also visited a celebrity dentist to erase all traces of Red Bull and Coke from her frequently flashed chompers with the Zoom whitening treatment.

Now if only a doctor could make those hats disappear.

For more details on Britney’s body makeover (including her training tricks), pick up the current issue of Us Weekly on newsstands now.

Source: Us Weekly

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