Britney Performing In California & Las Vegas Next Week?

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Britney is reportedly performing at House of Blues in 3 Californian cities and in Las Vegas next week!

On the official House of Blues site, she is going by the performing name of “The M + M’s”.

The dates for the shows are:

01/05 – San Diego (Sold Out)
02/05 – Anaheim (Sold Out)
03/05 – Los Angeles (Sunset Strip) (Sold Out)
06/05 – Las Vegas

The details for the shows state “cameras, chain wallets and any kind of studded belts or studded accessory will not be allowed in the venue.”

I’m not sure where this rumour came from, but it definately makes sense. It was confirmed that she was supposed to perform at Forty Deuce on Wednesday night but cancelled (see below), she’s been at the dance studio every day and there was a rumour about her doing a House of Blues tour last week. Also the fact that no cameras are allowed leads me to believe it’s something to do with Britney.

We will have to wait until Tuesday to see if there is any truth in it, but if you want to risk going, you can buy tickets at the official site!

UPDATE: Apparently there will be an official announcement by HoB on Sunday or Monday.

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