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Britney's HoB Dancer: New Songs Are "Amazing"

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Britney Spears has been keeping her newly-short haircut under wraps in public – but one of her backup dancers says the pop star’s buzz cut looks great.

“She looks so good she should model,” dancer Crisilla Crossland tells the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

The famously self-shorn singer, whose hair is now now about 2 inches long, even jokingly asked her dancers: “Would y’all cut your hair?” – though none of them took her up on the offer, the dancer says.

So, what about Spears’s upcoming album? Crossland tells the paper that Spears has been rehearsing two new songs, which she calls “amazing.”

Meanwhile, Spears who performed four shows last week, has returned to the dance studio to continue her rigorous workouts.

Donning fishnet stockings and a cowboy hat, Spears was seen at Millennium Dance Complex in North Hollywood Tuesday carrying her 1-year-old son Sean Preston.

Her reps won’t comment on whether the pop star has any more shows scheduled in the near future, but her associates say she’s not slowing down after her club appearances in Southern California and Las Vegas.

“I’m just so happy for her right now,” says Pussycat Dolls founder Robin Antin, who saw Spears’s dancing last week. “She’s been working really hard. She choreographed all of those shows herself. She’s such a talented girl.”

Source: People Magazine

Article On Last Night's Anaheim Show

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Before a raucous crowd that chanted her name, Britney Spears continued her comeback mini-tour Wednesday night, performing the identical lip-synced routine of older hits from her show the night before.

“Thank you so much!” Spears told the audience at the Anaheim, Calif., House of Blues, after finishing her 12-minute set. She acknowledged her backup dancers, blew a kiss and left the stage.

The performance followed her return to the stage Tuesday night at the House of Blues in San Diego after a nearly three-year absence from live performing.

Security was tighter in Anaheim – it took the crowd nearly two hours to get through the metal detectors – with guards seizing cellular phones in an apparent reaction to the flood of pictures and videos of the San Diego show on the Internet.

As the crowd chanted, “Britney! Britney! Britney!” the lights dimmed at about 9:35 p.m. and Spears, wearing a wig over her famously shaved head, launched into “Baby One More Time” in a carbon copy of the San Diego show – down to the at-times bad lip-syncing. At several points, she was seen chewing gum during songs.

Shunning new material, she also performed her hits “Do Somethin’,” “I’m a Save 4 U,” “Breathe on Me” – which featured Spears giving a lap dance to a man brought on stage from the audience – and “Toxic.”

“She was a little off, a little slower than her dancers,” said Kelly Weston of Orange County. “If I hadn’t heard about last night I would probably be disappointed.”

But a group of young women expressed themselves on their tight pink tank tops, which read, “Bald Ambition” on the front and “The Comeback 2007” on the back.

Spears’s last major performance was in June 2004 during her Onyx Hotel Tour in Dublin, Ireland, which was cut short when she injured her knee.

Spears is also planning several other performances this week, including shows at the Los Angeles House of Blues on Thursday and the House of Blues Las Vegas inside Mandalay Bay on Sunday.

Source: People Magazine

Britney's HoB Tour Setlist

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At Britney’s 16 minute “concert” last night, she performed 5 of her biggest pop hits:

Baby One More Time (Remix)
I’m A Slave 4 U (Remix)
Breathe On Me
Do Somethin’

Britney mimed all 5 songs and only spoke to the audience at the end of the show to thank them for coming. A lot of fans are dissapointed that she mimed and that there was no new material, but most seem to be happy to see her back on the stage.

Breaking News: Britney Is On Her Way To San Diego

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Britney just left her house in her own car, met up with a tour bus filled with dancers in a parking lot near her home, and they’re off to San Diego! M+M fans, get ready!!!! BRITNEY’S BACK!!!


Get ready everyone… sounds like it’s going to be a great show so far 😀 Have an amazing time if you’re going to the concert tonight… this is Britney’s first show in 3 years, her last one was in Dublin on June 6th 2004.