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Britney & Kevin Will Be Officially Divorced Today

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Britney Spears and Kevin Federline will officially divorce today.

Just minutes ago, Spears’ lawyer, Laura Wasser, and K-Fed’s mouthpiece, Mark Vincent Kaplan, walked into court — final papers in hand — to get a Los Angeles County Superior Court judge to sign-off on the settlement, making the divorce final.

We’re told Wasser will make a motion to keep the custody and spousal support orders secret.

Here’s what TMZ knows: K-Fed is pulling in 15K a month from Britney for child support. He’s also getting 20 grand a month in spousal support, but that’s based on the prenup, and it appears the alimony gravy train will come to a screeching halt in November.

As for custody, we’ve learned it will stay at 50/50. It’s amazing disso-queen Wasser was able to get a 50/50 custody split given Brit’s craziness, which included wild partying, erratic behavior and a stint in rehab. This type of custody arrangement is typically reserved for a stable couple.

But all is not over! We’re told neither Brit nor Fed-Ex are happy with the custody arrangement, and either of them can go back to court and ask for a change. On top of that, Kevin won’t even speak to Spears, so they will probably be back in court asking the judge to make decisions about child rearing.

One more thing: There are reports K-Fed will go to court as early as this week to get full custody. That doesn’t make a lot of sense that he’d go for broke, since our sources say K-Fed has signed-off on the 50/50 custody split. He may not be happy, but it doesn’t seem he’s ready for all-out war either.

Source: TMZ

Guardian: "The Really Bad Girls"

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Those who collude in the public degradation of gifted young women are beneath contempt.

Who doesn’t love to speculate about good girls gone bad? Well, people who like and respect women don’t. Nor do people who recognise that the rules prescribing what constitutes a “good” female are bigoted and hypocritical. A good girl is charming and comely, and never does anything to upset the status quo. A good girl does not dare to challenge the position society has put her in. A good girl is the ideal helpmeet for a man, with neither a hair nor a thought out of place.

So it’s a nasty shock for reactionaries to see Lindsay Lohan’s latest police mugshot, in which she sends a fabulous look of “Yeah, I’ve been arrested. So what?” straight through the camera into the miasma of prurient dreck that is pop culture. So Lohan likes a drink. What’s the problem? Women get drunk, fall over and hit the double standard face first. Further proof that womankind is pushing things a step too far is the news that Britney Spears acted brattishly at a recent photoshoot, wiping her hands on one dress and letting her pooch defecate on another.

Again, so what? Male power players have been abusing subordinates ever since they created the first hierarchies. Nobody points out that male violence is destroying the world. A drunk young rich guy is a crazed creative genius and cultural messiah who lives on the edge; his female counterpart is a sad strumpet. Or, in Britney’s case, it’s all put down to her ongoing “meltdown”.

That is not to say that I want to even things up by watching talented women sabotage themselves with as much dedication as men. There is no glory in substance abuse or depression. They are debilitating conditions, deeply saddening for any friend, family or fan who must watch, wondering how they might help. But the avid readers of What Lindsay/Britney Did Next are not wondering that. The people who like to see a good girl go bad do so not because it provides young women with a vicarious means of joyful rebellion, but because they like watching a gifted woman get destroyed.

The strategy is the same whether we’re talking pop princesses or actual ones. First, the target is goaded, speculated about. She is said to be too fat, too thin, unstable, unprofessional, a bad mother. Then, understandably, she begins to freak out and unwittingly vindicates the gossip. Then she is hounded some more until something – an arrest, an accident, a scandal, an eating disorder, a suicide – degrades her so much that the public finally sits back, satisfied that another promising female has been taken out of action.

The media that deal in pop freakouts don’t report these stories so much as create them. If Britney Spears has had any kind of meltdown, who can blame her? She is followed wherever she goes by stalker-violators: some have cameras and call themselves paparazzi; some have notebooks and call themselves journalists; some have vaginas and call themselves concerned women of the world. All relish the harassment that they perpetrate. It is women (writers and readers) who are enjoying and encouraging the exposure of Lohan’s drink and drugs hell or Spears’s identity crisis, while saving space for a snide comment about their outfits. It is women who are getting off on other women’s difficulties, while men in power carouse, abuse (and self-abuse) with impunity.

Who are the real “bad girls”? Not Lohan or Spears. The gossip magazines may be as punchy as a dose of Splenda, but they offer evidence that women have obediently taken on the values of a woman-hating world. We must recognise the part women play in the degradation of women: the ultimate betrayal.

Source: The Guardian

Assistant Was Cause Of Problems At OK! Magazine Photoshoot?

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As Britney Spears‘ recently “fired” assistant, Shannon Funk, is attempting to sell her story, sources close to the situation reveal exclusively to some insights on Shannon.

“It was Shannon who caused most of the problems at the disastrous OK! magazine shoot,” a source close to the situation tells us. “She was the one that was caught taking clothes from the shoot and the one who kept taking Britney to the bathroom.”

Britney's Latest Assistant To Sell Britney Out

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She only lasted about three weeks, but Britney’s former assistant, Shannon Funk, is set to tell all!

Perez got an email from the assistant, who was reportedly fired by Spears because she was toxic to be around.

We then got on the phone with Funk, who told us “that’s not how it went down” and insisted that she hadn’t been fired.

Shannon and Perez made plans to meet up for dinner Thursday evening to “talk.”

A few hours later, we get another call from Shannon, this time backpedaling. She just put it out there, saying that she had been bombarded by calls from people offering money for her side of the story.

And, according to her, she did not sign a confidentiality agreement when she was under Spears’ employment.

Is Britney really that stupid that she would hired an assistant and forget to have her sign a non-disclosure form or was the assistant just fishing for information? Our money’s on Britney being stupid!

Shannon claims that she’s already been offered up to $500,000 to talk and that she has pictures, though she refused to elaborate to us what those photographs were.

Our dinner plans were cancelled, unfortunately.

But we do look forward to hearing Shannon’s story. Soon!

Source: Perez Hilton

When is everyone going to just leave her alone? Did any of these people stop and think that the reason Britney is like this is because she can’t trust anyone?

Britney's Bodyguard Punches Photographer… Sean Preston Gets Hit

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Britney Spears and her bodyguard might not be welcome at the Wynn Las Vegas anymore.

Eyewitnesses exclusively tell that Spears’ bodyguard Julio “JC” Camera roughed up a photographer outside the Wynn spa after an altercation over the photographer’s proximity to – and possible contact with – one of her children.

A photographer who was shooting Spears vacationing with her two children at the resort claims that earlier today, Camera shoved his partner in the chest and accidentally hit toddler Sean Preston in the process.

The photographer then alleges that Spears started yelling while Camera tackled his partner to the ground and began punching. He claims that after Wynn security asked all parties involved to leave, the Las Vegas police were called to take statements.

Sgt. Loretto of the Las Vegas Police Department tells that Camera has been issued a citation for misdemeanor battery. Meanwhile, Loretto says that Spears has filed an allegation of battery on behalf of Sean Preston against photographer Kyle Henderson.

Spears’ battery allegation remains under investigation, with Vegas police issuing the following statement: “A second Incident Crime Report was also filed by Ms. Spears on behalf of her minor child. In that report it was alleged that prior to the above incident a second photographer, identified as Kyle Henderson, battered both Mr. Camera and Ms. Spears’ child , who was at that time being held by the security officer.”

Us has learned that as of 5:30 p.m. local time, Spears had checked out of the Wynn hotel, though it is not certain that her departure was voluntary.

A Wynn spokesperson declined comment on the incident, and the hotel would only say in a statement that “the Wynn does not comment on guests of the hotel.”

Source: Us Weekly

Britney In Las Vegas With Her Brother & Babies

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Amid concerns from her family about her recent behavior, Britney Spears is moving on – taking the kids to Las Vegas.

The pop star, joined by her brother Bryan, flew in a private plane to Sin City on Wednesday afternoon with kids Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months.

No word on what, exactly, Spears plans to do while in town, but sources tell PEOPLE she went to dinner at the Country Club at the Wynn Las Vegas. She also made special arrangements to have her hotel room childproofed for the visit.

The trip could also pose some problems for any custody battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline: Under California law, neither parent is allowed to take a child out of state without written permission from the other – or by obtaining a court order. According to a source close to Federline, Spears failed to notify her ex or his attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, that she was taking the children to Las Vegas.

A lawyer for Spears did not respond to calls for comment.

Source: People Magazine

People Magazine: Britney's Latest Bizarre Behavior Sparks Concern

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Skivvy-dipping, soiling an expensive outfit and sailing with her sons sans lifejackets – it was a wet n’ wild week for Britney Spears.

And this time, PEOPLE reports in its new issue (on sale Friday), her antics could have some serious consequences.

On July 18 the pop star, 25, and her unidentified blonde gal pal stopped off in Malibu for an impromptu afternoon dip (with Spears wearing only her skivvies!) before a crowd of photographers.

Her erratic behavior continued the next day when, after filming a new video (self-funded, according to a source), she reportedly had a “meltdown” during an ill-fated photo shoot for Ok! Magazine.

In the course of the session she apparently fretted that the ceiling might cave in, she allowed her newly acquired puppy to soil the floor and she wiped her hands on a couture gown after scarfing down fried chicken.

Finally, on July 20, Spears drew another wave of criticism for going boating with sons Sean Preston, 22 months, and Jayden James, 10 months – without life jackets. (Turns out they’re not required by state law on such a large craft.)

Spears, who has no manager or personal publicist and has been without her BFF Alli Sims lately, “won’t listen to anybody,” says a family friend. “[Her family] is frustrated with the situation – and worried about the children.”

Also worried, it seems, is their dad, Kevin Federline. The would-be rapper thinks his ex is exposing the boys to “unnecessary risk,” says a source familiar with the case. “His lawyer [Mark Vincent Kaplan] hopes to get Kevin primary custody – soon.”

Source: People Magazine