Britney's Latest Assistant To Sell Britney Out

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She only lasted about three weeks, but Britney’s former assistant, Shannon Funk, is set to tell all!

Perez got an email from the assistant, who was reportedly fired by Spears because she was toxic to be around.

We then got on the phone with Funk, who told us “that’s not how it went down” and insisted that she hadn’t been fired.

Shannon and Perez made plans to meet up for dinner Thursday evening to “talk.”

A few hours later, we get another call from Shannon, this time backpedaling. She just put it out there, saying that she had been bombarded by calls from people offering money for her side of the story.

And, according to her, she did not sign a confidentiality agreement when she was under Spears’ employment.

Is Britney really that stupid that she would hired an assistant and forget to have her sign a non-disclosure form or was the assistant just fishing for information? Our money’s on Britney being stupid!

Shannon claims that she’s already been offered up to $500,000 to talk and that she has pictures, though she refused to elaborate to us what those photographs were.

Our dinner plans were cancelled, unfortunately.

But we do look forward to hearing Shannon’s story. Soon!

Source: Perez Hilton

When is everyone going to just leave her alone? Did any of these people stop and think that the reason Britney is like this is because she can’t trust anyone?

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